Rare Zagato-Designed Nissan Stelvio For Sale In The UK

In between working with some of the world’s most prestigious automakers, famed design house Zagato has also been responsible for the designs of more accessible cars, including a special variant of the 1990 Nissan Leopard dubbed the Stelvio.

The Leopard, also known as the Infiniti M30 in the U.S., is quite an understated car; but when Zagato worked their magic on 104 units, the creations were among some of the world’s most eye-catching and distinguishable coupes. Now one of them is for sale on eBay.

This particular example has an advertised price of 28,000 pounds, has traveled some 41,00 miles and for the discerned Nissan collector, may be a tempting prospect.

The car has been painted in a bright shade of red and adorned in bespoke body panels dramatically different from those typically found on the Leopard. Certainly the most interesting design feature are the swollen front wheel arches, which actually double as wing mirrors.

Elsewhere, the Zagato Stelvio includes a solid wheel design, tinted taillights and a cream coloured leather interior.

Power for the exclusive model comes from a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 that officially produces 280 hp, though it’s claimed that the actual number is closer to 320 hp.