Russian Journos Confirm That Lexus’ New RX Can Climb Stairs

Generally speaking, when a publication, TV Show, or website gets a brand new car to review, the general consensus is not to go out of your way to raise any eyebrows as far as the dealership is concerned.

We have to admit though, this is a very creative way to test how well a car can grip to certain surfaces, and seeing as how the all-new Lexus RX comes with a Dynamic Torque Control AWD system, the footage proves quite interesting from a technical perspective, even though some, if not most of you might, not understand anything the reviewer is saying.

Of course, if this was the RX 450h and not the RX 200t, it would have featured a more sophisticated E-Four AWD system, though we’ll settle for either one when it comes to this type of stunt.

So how does the system behave once the wheels start struggling for grip? Well, not bad, at least until the right-rear wheel loses any and all traction. After that, the reviewer seems to turn off the Electronic Stability system, backs off and then seems to give the car a bit more momentum.

What the RX200t does once that happens, you should see for yourselves. However, considering how the steps seem to be more wet than iced over and the 238 HP SUV can use a little bit of its momentum in its favor the second time around, don’t expect this to be an “immovable object” type of experiment.

We’d love to see them try again, while giving the car a proper challenge such as a really steep slope.


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