Stunning Blue Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Touches Down In Canada

Restricted to just 250 units globally, the Jaguar F-Type Project 7 pays homage to the iconic D-Type and with the exclusion of the impending SVR, represents the pinnacle of the F-Type range.

Of the 250 examples bound for the production line, only seven are bound for Canada and recently, a truly stunning example arrived in Montreal.

Pictured here courtesy of Anthony Melotti and Gabriel D’Angelo from Studio Fifty2, this F-Type Project 7 has been optioned out unlike any other.

Most significantly, it has been painted in a shimmering shade of bright blue then offset with a classic white racing livery that includes large circles on the doors, a horizontal stripe across the hood and a distinct front grille surround.

Beyond the paint work, this Project 7 has been fitted with a set of gloss black wheels and yellow brake calipers. The exterior also includes a black rear diffuser, black rear wing and black front splitter.

Inside is black leather across all the main surfaces, including the seats and steering wheel and to complement the exterior, the lucky owner received a matching racing helmet.

Photos courtesy of Anthony Melotti and Gabrilet D’Angelo.