This Lotus Esprit Is A Ticket To The ‘80s Heaven

If this sub-zero cool Lotus Esprit doesn’t make you grow a mustache, I don’t know what will.

Petrolicious features one of the most impressive Lotus Esprits out there, a fourth-gen example that oozes perfection from every corner. Spencer Canon, founder of Ritte Cycles bought a hideous Esprit with the goal of restoring it to his personal taste.

“When I got the car, it just looked absolutely terrible,” he says. Faced with the prospect of fixing a trashed Esprit, Canon realized something liberating: “I had a car that was probably never going to be in a truly original state again, and that gave me permission -in my mind- to do a few things to it that the original designer wouldn’t be upset with…hopefully.”

And boy, what a job he has done. Painted in a striking light blue shade and wearing a newer set of wheels, this Lotus Esprit will remind you everything you loved about the ‘80s. It’s even lighter than before, thanks to the owner’s careful mods.

Pop-up headlights, turbo noises, open-gate manual shifter, everything you need to grow a full mustache is right here.