Watch A Lamborghini V10 Engine Removed In Wondrous 4K Timelapse

Removing a car’s engine is always a laborious process but is often vital to perform thorough maintenance or to tune and modify.

Depending on the car, the steps needed to remove an engine can vary but generally requires hours of work, disconnecting a multitude of pipes and removing engine mounts among other things. Go to any mechanic and they’re bound to have experience in removing engines, but chances are, they wouldn’t have removed an engine quite as expensive as the Lamborghini Gallardo’s.

Filmed here in 4K through a lengthy timelapse, we get a detailed look at what it takes to remove the mid-mounted 5.0-liter V10 of the Italian supercar.

While no details have been provided about why the engine was removed, it’s certainly no easy process. For starters, the rear bumper has to be removed follow by the taillights. Mechanics can then take off the exhaust backboxes before having an open view of the engine and transmission.

While engines of readily available cars can be purchased for a few hundred dollars, used Gallardo V10s continually fetch in excess of $40,000. These mechanics certainly wouldn’t want to slip up then…