Watch The Sunset Twice In The Same Day With Porsche’s 718 Boxster

No, it’s not a Top Gear Special, but Porsche’s newest promo for the 718 Boxster.

The German brand may have been inspired by Jezza’s “Race against the Sun” from a few years ago, when the former Top Gear presenter took on the rotation of the Earth in a Jaguar XJ, but who are we to judge, especially when the new four-cylinder turbo mill is put to the test.

Porsche’s new video opens up the world in “unexpected, thrilling ways”, as the automaker states, to prove that four cylinders can be enough for a modern couple to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures, even if these might be watching the sunset twice or more in the same day.

With 296hp and 380Nm of torque squeezed from a 2.0-liter unit, the base 718 Boxster needs 4.7 seconds to reach 100km/h (62mph), with the optional PDK and Sport Chrono Package. The 718 Boxster S has 345hp and 420Nm of torque from a larger 2.5-liter engine and drops the acceleration time to 4.2 seconds, again, equipped with the same kit.

Porsche unveiled the 718 Boxster last week and it will arrive in the United States, this June, priced from $56,000 in base form and from $68,400 in “S” guise.