Courreges’s Citroen E-Mehari Concept Struts Down Geneva’s Catwalk

Citroen called on French fashion house Courreges to create a chicer version of their production E-Meharifor the Geneva motor show.

It’s set apart from the regular model mainly by the white color, which can be found on just about every surface, including the wheels, the study also boasts bright orange accent for contrast and promises to be even more practical towards the rear, where the standar car’s hoop was replaced by two side straps.

The interior sports the same white shade and bright orange accents, joined by a single-spoke monochrome steering wheel, white-finished mats on the leather-lined floor, Plexiglas roof with frosted finish. The French fashion firm also added a special set of luggage made from white leather and bright orange vinyl.

An all-electric powertrain was selected to propel it, backed up by lithium metal polymer batteries that promise a zero-emission driving range of 200 km (124 miles) in the city. Recharging the batteries takes around 8 hours from a 16 A charging station or up to 13 hours using a standard 10 A domestic power outlet.