Five Tracks Featuring Actual Car Sounds

Music video clips featuring cars are all nice and dandy, but how about tracks that incorporate their aural charms?

Plenty of people have attempted to harness the natural music a car produces and turn it into something most ears can tolerate, but precious few have pulled that off, including the Top Gear crew.

You might find some have a small grab of automotive-related sounds, but most tastes are catered for, from howling Formula 1 engines to a starter motor that can’t quite coax the engine into life.

By Mitchell Jones

DJ Visage Formula 1 Schumacher Song

A German DJ’s homage to the unstoppable M.Schumacher- A dominant force in 1990’s F1 racing, who some accused of making the sport ‘boring’.

The Doors LA Woman

Has a distinct engine sound at the start, but like a Doors song ever needs any justification. Enjoy.

Prodigy –Speedway

Sussex Breakbeat mob Prodigy’s ‘Music for the Jilted Generation’ album includes this quintessentially 90’s piece of electronica, with some racy F1 engine grabs.

Primus- Jerry Was A Racecar Driver

This offbeat number from guitar maestro’s Primus featured in the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skateboarder on N64.

Motörhead – Motorhead

This eponymous track helped put these headbangers on the map. Kinda justifies the name of the band, too.