Audi Q2 Gets Rendered As Coupe-Like Sportback

With Audi‘s new Q2 crossover ready to take on the sub-compact crossover segment, one could argue that the ball is all of a sudden in Mercedes‘ and BMW’s court. But what if the Q2 looked even sportier?

That question could be answered by something not unlike this rendering. It depicts a Coupe-like (Sportback) version of the recently unveiled small Audi, while still relying on the virtual RS Q2 we showed you last week.

When compared to the RS Q2 render, the Sportback comes with a less aggressive front end (more S-line, less RS), smaller wheels and of course a coupe-like silhouette and a lower roofline.

If a Q2 Sportback was ever built (don’t hold your breath, though) it would aim on the likes of the Mini Countryman, which one would argue is the Q2’s most direct rival.

On the other hand, the BMW X2 is currently being tested and once it hits showrooms, people might be more intrigued by the prospect of a slightly bigger sub-compact crossover coupe. In theory, anyway, as the Bimmer is actually on its way and the Audi is nothing more than a case of “what if?”.

Rendering courtesy of X-Tomi