Japanese Mag Thinks Nissan’s Facelifted 2017 R35 GT-R Will Look Like This

A set of renderings coming from Japan try to get us ready for the last version of the beloved Nissan R35 GT-R.

We are probably hours away before Nissan pulls the wraps off the 2017 GT-R and all we got so far is speculations and very few details coming from the company’s officials.

The renderings
imagine a subtle facelift, with new bumpers all around and a new front grille that follow the lines of the familiar shape, keeping faithful to the original concept and updating it just enough to make it look more modern.

What really grasped our attention, though, was the interior, where the render artist went berserk and imagined a must more thorough update. It looks like a huge digital screen now runs from the instrument binnacle to the center of the dash, with the center console now featuring more upmarket switchgear and finish.

Although we don’t believe Nissan will take such drastic measures, we get why the artist focused on the cabin so much. Customers criticized Nissan for the interior quality and style, which is not on par with the most of its rivals. Then we had a report saying that the GT-R’s program manager, Hiroshi Tamura, wants to send off the R35 GT-R by making it feel more premium.

“I want to make the GT-R more premiere… not just fancy, but real premium, Quality. Handling quality, ride and comfort quality, NVH quality, some high quality in the body construction… we still have big opportunities here,” he said.

The new 2017 Nissan GT-R is expected to be revealed at the New York Auto Show.