Los Angeles Police Chase Has Crazy GTA-Like Ending

After stealing a black Toyota Tacoma pickup, an armed robbery suspect was apprehended last weekend in West Hills, but not before the female made one last attempt at freedom.

The chase started in Sherman Oaks where the suspect stole the previously mentioned car, only to proceed to drive recklessly all the way to West Hills, LA, while allegedly hitting triple-digit speeds.

According to Sky9 reporter Desmond Shaw, the suspect was driving “totally nuts. And strangely he’s also using his signals.” This way before it was revealed that the driver was actually a woman.

CBS LA reported that an on-scene reporter said police were able to track down the suspect thanks to the victim using her ‘Find My iPhone’ app, after realizing that a number of her personal belongings were left in the vehicle.

“I just ran out of the house and I saw a woman I did not know, sitting in my far and backing up,” said the carjack victim. “I was still trying to get in the car. I was trying to open the door, but she was driving so badly, I didn’t want to get crushed.”

You can watch the lengthier version of the chase right here but if you’re only interested in the “surprise ending”, we’ve got you covered below.