Next Citroen C3 Might Get Cactus-Style Airbumps

Citroen has started the development of a new generation C3 and it seems that the Ford Fiesta-rivaling hatch will benefit from some additions carried over from the C4 Cactus.

Speaking with the firm’s director of product planning, Xavier Peugeot, AutoExpress reports that the upcoming vehicle will adopt the Airbumps from its larger sibling, although they might come under a different form.

I am not saying we will keep all aspects of the Airbumps, but there are different ways of using such ingredients to create this coherence in the near future, and we have been working on it“, said Peugeot.

Similarities with the e-Mehari electric vehicle are also expected on the upcoming C3, which is believed to donate some of its styling cues to the small car, as it was previewed by the scooped prototypes of the C3 Picasso: “This shows there are ways to create coherence with Cactus without Airbumps“, added the Citroen official.

We expect the new Citroen C3 to debut next fall, at the 2016 Paris Auto Show, and to be followed by a new electric vehicle, as the company claims: “There will be at least one additional electric model within the Citroen range.”

Note: Citroen C4 Cactus Rip Curl pictured


  • Bo Hanan

    I see a rotting avocado.

  • Tus Man

    Last shop of the future C3 III before its revelation. More than a few weeks to wait !