Pre-Production Ford GT Spotted Near Michigan Plant

With Ford’s all-new supercar about to hit the streets, the American automaker is already vetting potential owners to ensure it ends up in the right hands.

Ford has so far displayed the GT purely as a concept, but prototypes are occasionally being spotted on the road, so the real thing is almost ready.

This one was captured driving through Michigan traffic by Redditor miguel7395 who reacted, let’s say, enthusiastically, so mind the colorful language.

Spotting the new Ford GT in traffic is pretty important because it gives us a chance to better take in its dimensions when compared to regular cars such as the Wrangler that’s waiting behind it or the saloons driving by.

Bottom line, the GT looks just as low and mean in traffic as it does in all the official images that Ford released since the car was launched at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.