PRINSES-Plated Tailgater Gets A Nasty Brake Check And Crashes

Here’s a dashcam tale of two drivers who should probably both have their licenses revoked.

The incident was recorded by a trucker on Interstate 41 in Wisconsin, and while we don’t see what took place before, it shows a Chevrolet Trailblazer bearing ‘PRINSES’ license plates tailgating a Ford Edge.

In a childish and stupid case of impatient meets stubborn, the motorist in the Edge appears to slow down and then brake-check the Chevy driver causing the latter to panic and swerve, ultimately losing control and crashing the vehicle into the median ditch.

This could have ended much worse, but fortunately, the Chevy SUV did not roll over nor did it cross into the opposite lane of the highway.

The Ford Edge drove away from the scene of the accident – ironically, changing lanes…without looking back.

The only responsible person filmed here was the driver of the GMC Envoy who pulled over to the side of the road – hopefully to call the police and check on the driver and/or passengers.