Scoop: Kia Readying Sorento For A Major Facelift?

Our man with the long lens caught a couple of heavily camouflaged Kia Sorentos resting on a truck, showing the brand’s intentions for the future of their full-size SUV.

It’s been about two years since we first saw the Kia Sorento, the brand’s second model to be built at the company’s US plant in Georgia.

Instead of the regular nip and tuck, Kia could be working on a much more deep update as our man spotted a little sign card that gave away the new internal code ‘QM’ for the Sorento.

Although our info is limited at this point, we can expect Kia pushing the updated Sorento to a more upmarket territory of the segment. Rumors suggest though that we won’t see the model in its final production form until 2018.

The heavy camouflage in combination with thick layers of snow does the job of hiding the differences brilliantly. We can see though that Kia is planning to replace the usual: front grille, lights all-around and bumpers, probably to keep the Sorento in line with the rest of the range.

But the new internal code should mean than the Korean company might to present some bigger changes under the skin, including engines and suspension.


  • Tumbi Mtika

    Don’t blow it.

  • ME

    The Sorento is all new. I don’t think it is a refresh, but maybe another package of some sort. Maybe a Hybrid?

    • Paul

      I’m curious too. The Sorento is the most luxurious yet mature looking larger SUV out in the market, so I wonder if a major refresh would really be in the works?

  • Kash

    Maybe these aren’t Sorento-Sorrento’s but test mules for the future Genesis brand’s SUV that will most likely use the same platform as the Santa Fe and Sorento?

  • SSS

    It’s about the size of Maxcruz below.Also,the windshield at C piller is longer than it used to be.
    There won’t be a whole new SUV from Kia other than Telluride and
    overall,the design is Sorento.
    That means Kia will have a extended version of Sorento with a facelift just like Maxcruz.(Santa Fe)
    you can notice a windshield at 3rd row(c-piller) is much much longer and bigger.
    Every single thing…such as wheels grill,etc. are totally from Kia and it’s camouflouge not
    the mule.(which adds the fender like a tank or cuts the vehicles part and extend it)
    The style of the camouflouge is also almost the same as current Sorento and as you can see from
    the revealing parts (head/tail lights and everything..)are just Kia.
    Also, different codename but refreshed model is still way too early so you will notice Kia is making a
    longer Sorento.

    • bd

      Was thinking the same thing – an extended version of the Sorento like Hyundai has with the Santa Fe Sport and Santa Fe.

  • no25

    The car literally just came out. They also redesigned it quickly. Slow down Kia; you’re not that special.