Drag Racing Riders End Up Crossing The Finish Line On Foot

When we thought drag racing can’t get more entertaining, this video surfaces.

If drag racing powerful cars gives you the thrills, just imagine how it feels launching a motorcycle that bumps out more power than your average sports car.

While racing their 350 HP Suzukis at Australia’s Thunder 400 drag race, Perth, Learmonth and Maurice Allen lined up next to each other to contest in the semi-finals for Round 2 of the event, not knowing they’ll both provide one of the most entertaining 400-metre finishes we’ve seen in quite a while.

In contrast to the usual low 7-second passes, this one lasted for more than a minute, so forget boasting the fastest time as the race quickly transformed into a mad marathon to the finish line. Literally.

After both riders stalled their bikes when the green light flashed, Learmonth had the brilliant idea to start pushing his machine down the line, determining Allen to do the same. With the risk of spoiling the outcome for you, Allen already had quite a big lead, but that didn’t stop Learmonth from trying.

The result was clearly obvious, and some could say that Learmonth’s effort was in vain; although this video would prove them otherwise.