Subaru To Offer Automatic Energy Braking System As Standard By 2022

Subaru wants to implement an automatic emergency braking system as standard on nearly all of its new models sold in the United States, three years ahead of proposed government regulation.

That means by 2022, the Japanese car manufacturer plans to add the safety system as standard in its line-up, being one of 20 automotive manufacturers committed to include this driver assist technology.

Abridged AEB (automatic emergency braking system), the tech helps prevent crashes or reduce their severity by applying the brakes for the driver. It works by using sensors and cameras to detect an imminent crash, warning the driver before taking action and stopping the car (or trying) – although evidence suggest that AEB effectively reduces crashes and injuries by 40 percent.

NHTSA and IIHS issued a challenge to the industry in September 2015 in order to encourage car makers to make AEB a standard feature.

“It’s an exciting time for vehicle safety. By making emergency braking systems standard equipment on their vehicles, these 20 automakers will help prevent crashes and save lives. It’s a win for safety and a win for consumers”, said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

Mind you, the technology is currently available on nearly all Subaru models as an optional feature.