This Is Jeep’s New Luxed-Up Grand Cherokee Summit

As it turns out, Jeep is going to bring not one, but two new versions of the Grand Cherokee in New York, with the second model to be the premium Summit.

Evidently, the American company wants to offer a more upmarket experience with the Grand Cherokee Summit, bringing their new model closer to more expensive SUVs like the Range Rover.

On the outside, the posh Grand Cherokee now features a new front grille, LED fog lamps, an updated front bumper, a set of 20in polished alloy wheels and plenty of satin chrome trimmings to complete the new look.

Inside, the seats are dressed in what looks like a dove-color leather with dark pipping, while the dashboard, center console and door panels are all trimmed in leather too, showcasing the determination of Jeep to offer a true premium version of the Grand Cherokee.

Expect the levels of equipment for the new Summit to include all the bells and whistles Jeep can throw in it, including a full array of active safety electronic systems.

We will know more once the car will be officially revealed at the New York Auto Show, next to the Trailhawk edition that we first saw on Thursday night. 


  • William

    For some reason the current GC Summit looks much better because of the wheels. The new wheels look too busy imo.

  • Six_Tymes

    I like this. But i do agree with the comment below about the wheels. I wish Grand Cherokee’s still came with the venerable 4.0 straight six, it is a shame they don’t make those anymore. I still own a 99 with 181000 miles on it.

    • Matt

      But the GC is a modern vehicle, and the straight 6 is a very old engine. They would be at odds with each other.

      • Six_Tymes

        I agree “at odds with each other”, one that lasts and the new that doesn’t.

        • Tomaz Hilton

          The Pentastar is practically bullet proff and requires not much maintenance because of it not having Direct Injection..

  • Matt

    Pass on the chrome wing mirrors.

  • Kash

    the black around the grille cutouts should be body colored. right now it still looks super cheap, and the tail lights look super cheap as well.

    • Tomaz Hilton

      but then it would look to “sporty” for it to be a luxury SUV.

  • nauticalone

    Happy to see silver rather than gold colored aluminium on dash. Agree with others that wheels shown are to busy for an SUV. Hope dual exhaust is now standard on “Limited” version and above. Also prefer body colored door handles and mirrors as on “Limited” trim.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Glad to see they changed that overly complicated gear selector. That didn’t last long.

  • Jay

    like everything except the rims on there.

  • psiqtas

    Those classic sport wheels absolutely don’t fit that Jeep at all…