Acid Green Porsche 918 Steals The Show At Top Marques Monaco

Every year, the Top Marques Monaco show attracts a plethora of high-end exotics and extensively modified sports cars to the French Riviera for four days of automotive madness.

Among all the bespoke creations displayed this year, our key highlight was an insanely rare Porsche 918 Spyder finished in Acid Green and optioned with the expensive and desirable Weissach weight-saving and aerodynamics package.

There are only two 918s finished in this colour with the Weissach kit, the other being owned by Mexican-born entrepreneur and social media personality Alejandro Salomon. This particular car was originally delivered new in Switzerland and is now up for sale for an eye-watering 3.5 million euros.

The colour itself is extremely difficult to accurately capture on camera, it really has to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated. The paintwork is made all the more impressive thanks to the contrasting black wheels, carbon fiber aero parts as well as the matching Acid Green brake calipers and ‘918 Spyder’ badges.

A quick search on the used market reveals that a number of 918s are being offered for sale across Europe for around 1.5 million euros, depending on spec. The current owner of this blindingly beautiful Acid Green car is working with UK-based broker ‘Supercar Broker’ to find a buyer willing to shell out well over double the market average, purely for the special colour and the long list of options which have been ticked.

If prices of the 918 take off like the McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari, one could conceivably see a unit like this being worth over 3.5 million euros within the next decade. However, given the ‘high’ production numbers of the 918 compared to its rivals, prices could stalemate as they have with the Carrera GT.

However much this car will be worth in the coming years is anyone’s guess but whatever the figure is, it’ll remain one of the most head-turning Porsches to ever leave the factory.

Photos Anderson


  • pcurve

    somehow cheapens the car by 50%….

    • c3vzn

      According to Alejandro Salomon these sorts of a colours are the most desired by Porsche collectors and drive up the value considerably.

      • Matt

        I just came across his youtube chanel a few days ago. i saw that and another( or maybe it was the same vid)where he was talking about how the asking price of his 918 before he actually baught it was 3.5million US but got it for much less. He didnt say exactly how much but he said he got money from trading his pagani Huayra 730 s (seen anywhere from 2-5m for his online ) and o think from other things he said he paid ~2m for the 918.

        Its interesting how p collectors love their bright colors and how willing they are to pay so much more for the a color. Id say they could wrap it instead but most are collectors and not drivers. If i could save hundreds of thousands or more buying a silver 918 if the color i wanted was priced that high over, thats what i would do. Then again this green and other zanny colors arnt my thing and think the 918 and most.other p cars look best in white or blue.

  • fabri99

    I really don’t get this love for pee yellow. Lime green looks good, “acid green”…not really.

  • stelvio

    I’m not sure this color would look good 10 years or even 5 down the road

  • roy

    looks more like mountain dew to me..

  • Honda NSX-R

    RIP Momo

  • aaronbbrown

    If only you guys had somebody working for you who knew how to take a photo, after all these years I know that’s not going to happen.

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