China’s Answer To Tesla Breaks Cover: Meet The LeEco LeSEE [21 Pics & Video]

China’s technology giant Le Eco revealed the first details of their electric car called the LeSEE, ahead of its debut at the Beijing Motor Show debut.

Described as a ‘smart connected electric vehicle’, LeEco’s first try in the automotive industry is an autonomous four-door coupe concept that can be summoned via your smartphone.

There are no technical details available yet, apart from a 130 mph (210 km/h) top speed and the ability for wireless charging. What it promises though is that their final production car will be better than the Tesla Model S in every area, including 0-60mph times, driving range and top speed.

The futuristic LeSEE (which stands for Super Electric Ecosystem) is connected to the company’s upcoming automotive cloud platform, allowing for a radical onboard entertainment system with features like video streaming and independent music playback for each passenger along with an integrated app ecosystem.

The company also said that they envision a future where car ownership will be based more on car-sharing and less on the traditional way. The front end of the concept actually hosts a digital display that can show specific information of the vehicle, including whether is available or not when used in a fleet.

The platform, battery packs and electric motors have been allegedly jointly developed with Aston Martin and Faraday Future. LeEco pointed out in their presentation that they have filed 833 patents last year, surpassing their competitors, hinting of course at Apple and Google. The company also announced that they plan to share their hardware with other companies too, allowing for a faster growth in the EV market.

Stay tuned for more info as the car will be revealed in full at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show.



  • GlobalPostitpad

    automotive equivalent of vapourware?

    • europeon

      I living under the impression that title is already taken by Alfa Romeo Giulia.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Until you read here yesterday that that car is rolling off the assembly lines at Cassino?

        Missed it?

        • europeon

          No, but it seems you missed my comments on that article.

          • Six Thousand Times

            Didn’t miss ’em – discounted ’em. And as a non-sequitur: Did you intend for the last two digits in your nickname to be ones or did you lift off the shift key too early? 😉

          • europeon


          • antbee

            Ooh, buurrrn!! LOL!

  • Looks nice (for a chinese car), and the concept is quite interesting.
    But it’s still more a concept than a real thing.

    You can’t just show up saying you’re “the future” attempting to rival a car that launched on 2012.

  • Christian

    210 km/h, really?… This is why I started to hate the first Electriccars that Europe brought..

  • Mark

    It looks good from the side and back, but the front is terrible. The front is even worse than the front on the 2017 Tesla Model S, and that’s saying something. I hope these bland and featureless front ends don’t become the new norm.

  • Michael Karkafiris

    Wow, didn’t see the hate coming for this one

  • CockneyblokefromReading

    It has two problems.
    It is Chinese.
    …and you know what happens after purchase.
    It isn’t an SUV.
    …T E S L A did the same error (had to spell it or post would be deleted!)

  • CockneyblokefromReading

    Found something really weird about this forum… If you type in the word ‘Tesla’ and the word for error (seven letters, begins with ‘m’ and ends in ‘e’ with a ‘t’ in the middle) then your post gets moderated out – every time.

    • Rick Alexander

      You posted six times, and they’re all here. None were moderated out. What are you on about?

      • CockneyblokefromReading

        No, they’ve been put back. Every time I typed in those two words together the post got held up for moderation, then taken off. If I only put in ‘Tesla’ that was fine. I even tried contacting the editors, but no one replied. It was only after putting this post that they got put back! I even went to other articles on this forum that had the word ‘Tesla’ in them, and tried it – and each post got wiped.

        • Rick Alexander

          Okay. Maybe you pissed off “The Man!” 😉

  • MMNYC18

    Very impressive!

  • MMNYC18

    PS what’s up with all the hate?

    • Rick Alexander

      It’s called sheepalism! Anything that is forward thinking, or different from the norm , is considered vaporware, or if it’s Chinese, it’s trash. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But when its so ass-backwards, it becomes nauseating. When the first iPhone was introduced, the hate was strong. When Tesla brought their product to the masses, everyone said, “It’ll never work. Just look what happened to GM (watch Who Killed the Electric Car) with their attempt”, they shouted. Any product’s ability to be viable or successful, is dependent on quality of content, affordability, marketability, as well as said product’s ability to adapt to growing demands, as well as trends. That’s just a small amount of the criteria necessary for sustainability in the marketplace. I’m not a fanboy of any of the companies mentioned. However, a great product, is a great product. All of the ideas that Le Eco is promising to implement, are very forward thinking, and very doable. Autonomous driving is going to be a reality. Accept it. Just ask all the individuals who like texting when they drive. Vehicle sharing is a great idea. It’s inevitable, when you consider the price of fuel, and the price of a half decent car these days, not to mention the cost of maintenance. This car isn’t out yet, and the lack of optimism is staggering. This car might never come to fruition, or maybe it will. There’s healthy criticism which yields better products for the masses, and there’s baseless banter. Just because some Chinese individuals, blatantly copy the work of others, doesn’t mean all do. This car isn’t ripping off Tesla’s car. It shares similar technologies, and similar styling. It’s a wonder anyone creates anything anymore. Thank God for imagination.The haterism on these forums isn’t surprising. I guarantee, none of the haters on this forum, have ever created a single thing, that was successful or profitable in their entire lives. Hence, the hate.

      • alexxx

        maaaan…. your words are spot on… its so easy to be ignorant and majority of people are…. in my country,when you say its something chinese it means cheap and wont last 2 days…yet,would you believe it,nobody creates anything…
        i have come to realize,often,when you are experiancing great hate,its because you are doing right stuff…

        • Rick Alexander

          Ignorance is a disease. Unfortunately, most people don’t know when they’re infected. So they continue to spread their disease, acting as though they aren’t sick at all. Once you’ve contracted the ignorance virus, you CAN be cured. However, to do this, you have to separate yourself from the herd. Not an easy thing to do. Just watch The Walking Dead.

          • alexxx

            For long time my cousin is telling me i mist watch Walking dead and now a guy with the same name as myself,Alexander, is telling me that also…
            On a car site…
            This is so wrong…hahahah

          • Rick Alexander

            Lol! You know there used to be this guy named Alexander The Great right? Pretty sure he got that make for a reason! 😉

  • Six Thousand Times

    Show us the battery tech and I’m ready to believe. Otherwise…I can’t call this car any farther ahead than cars already out on the streets.

  • fabri99

    Interesting, but quite bland. Give us some character, this is too anonymous.

  • Tinky-Winky

    Chinese design at its finest.

  • Enter Ranting

    At least it’s designed to look like a vanguard in electric vehicle design, unlike the Tesla Model 3 and redesigned Model S, which look like traditional gas-powered cars without front grilles.

  • S3XY

    Looks like something that will never make production.

  • surfshop

    ie… The Tesla copy

  • Ilya Nazarchuk

    Yah, except no one wins, cause toyota is hiding shit in Thier sleeve

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