Is This Guy Serious? Porsche 911R Priced At $1.1 Million On Ebay!

While we are pretty sure that the latest limited edition of the 911 will demand stupid amounts of money in the near future, some folks appear eager to take advantage of the situation right now – if this listing is true.

The ebay seller here [Update: the listing is now removed] is asking for a minimum of 950,000 euros (around $1.08 million in current exchange rates) for a brand-new 911 R painted in white.

The fact that press photos were used in the listing makes us think that the car in question hasn’t even been delivered yet to the alleged owner’s hands.

The 911R is essentially a manual, lighter version of the GT3 RS, aimed more towards driving fun than the ultimate lap time. It’s a recipe Porsche fans have been craving for decades, with the company set to produce just 991 units all in all, which by the way were sold out something like twelve minutes after the official reveal.

So if a car has ‘future classic’ written all over its forehead, it’s the Porsche 911 R. But wanting a million dollars for a new example is just plain ridiculous to say the least.


  • Six_Tymes

    HA! lots of flipping been going on for the past 2 years and the frequency has escalated. I hope that is not a bad sign of the economic future. However, when flipping of high-end new car frequency increases suddenly it usually is an indicator or whats called “a tell”.

    • jh

      it is… they will fall on their noses once the economy breaks down. and if it ever recovers to the point that people want to buy those cars, probably for a lot less than those morons paid for them (20 million for a car? come on, you won’t get this money back).

      that whole thing started after 2008… a small bubble now 😉

      after the crash i checked for a carrera gt and guess what: it had a realistic price tag. sth like 75-80% of its original value. go look one up now (well maybe the gt is a bad example for the u.s. since walker died in one).

      still, it’s crazy. the guys with lots of cash try to buy everything that could have value in the future because money sure as hell won’t – at least not in the traditional way.

  • Honda NSX-R

    What a maniac


    • TheHake


  • anonym

    For nearly a million Euros I’d expect the 911 R to come with an extra 918 Spyder with it.

    These flipping are getting out of control.

    • jh

      😉 exactly!

  • 12333444333

    Why post something like this? You might as well post a media photo of a Chiron and ask for $10 million.

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      A Chiron will command that but in about 29 years.

  • Shobin Drogan

    911 enthusiast would be willing to pay that amount for a rare 911.
    I like 911s but jesus Christ no freaking 911 in the world is worth that much and I don’t care how good it is. Its not a freaking 918.

    • anonymous

      I am a 911 enthusiast and I am offended by this guy selling a 911R with 918 price tag. I wouldn’t buy it even if I have $30mil burning holes in my pocket…

      • jh

        yep! same here. i would love to have that car (or actually i would love to have a 997 gt3 rs or the 4.0), but no… not for that.

      • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

        But you don’t have $30 mil. Lol! A guy with deep pockets will scoop this bad boy up real soon.

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      It is and the 918 will fetch several million down the road. These are global icons from New York to Japan people want these.

  • jh

    porsche became so ridiculous once vw took over control….

    building a car for the enthusiasts that are waiting for it and wanting to drive it… and then they only produce 991 cars? most of them WON’T be driven, especially not by the enthusiasts. just some folks can show it off to their friends and drive it around town. most of them won’t take it to a track or twisted b-road, because they don’t want to ruin it as a collectors car, making near to a million in the near future.

    RIDICULOUS! porsche: shame on you… well, actually: vw shame on you (but that got old)

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      I see plenty of 991’s and GT3’s on the track right alongside Audi R8’s, Ferrari’s and Lambo’s.

  • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

    It will sell too. It’s just a matter of time, after all were talking about an Icon here not some generic immitation.

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