One-Off Ford Mustang Obsidian Cost $1.3 Million To Build!

Personal projects can get very crazy, very quickly and this Mustang offered for sale here really fits the bill.

This is the Ford Mustang Obsidian SG-One, an outrageous build which costed an eye-watering amount of money to be created. How much I hear you ask? Only…$1.3 million. The SG stands for the initials of the original owner and One means that there is only one out there.

To be fair there isn’t a single surface, nut or bolt left untouched on it but then again, $1.3 million is a lot of money for a Mustang. The bodywork is extensively modified with the highlights to include a pair of headlights from a 2005 Mustang, brake cooling intakes, custom side skirts, wider rear fenders and a rear diffuser among others.

As for the bonnet’s huge intakes, these are there to drive air into the twin(!) intercoolers that sit on top of a pair(!!) of superchargers which in turn feed a 6.4-litre small-block V8. The car is known for making more than 840hp which are then sent to the rear through a manual five-speed gearbox.

The chassis is reinforced with a tubular box frame and a hidden four-point roll cage while the floor is covered by a full aluminum belly pan. The brakes are 14-inch rotors from Brembo with four-piston calipers all around while suspension-wise, the car now wears a full coilover suspension with a three-link rear configuration.

If you are interested, you can try your luck at Barrett Jackson’s Northeast Auction at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut this June, with this beast of a Mustang offered at no reserve.


  • Not sinister enough.

    • benT

      At least a mat finish but other stuff too.
      doesn’t look as mean as the guts of it are.
      maybe he wants to impress the supermarket crowd.

  • Six_Tymes

    the second image looks like a fast back. that’s the best picture imo. but not liking the 05 head lights/front end. the rest is cool but not for that much $

  • jh

    it took 1.3 million to ruin a nice car? i do it for 50$… or i just take it for free 😉

  • My gut says ‘how could they possibly spend 1.3M on that?’ It doesn’t look particularly posh, finished, or anything… Just some custom body work, a nice engine, decent brakes…. People make 1000hp Subarus for $100k…

  • Patrick


  • john1168

    I love the car but I really don’t like the front. I agree with six times that it look way too much like an ’05 Mustang which isn’t necessarily a good thing. The upper grill and entire lower front facia look bad too. The rest of the car is awesome. Personally I wouldn’t spend anywhere near $1.3M for it but that’s me. I’m sure a lot of man hours of labor and great parts were used on it but still…

  • Shobin Drogan

    That is one fugly front end

    • Matt

      I think its those headlights which is making it look frumpy. Retrofitting 2011-2014 lights or imo better yet custom oval xenons would have looked better

      • Me Smith

        Upgrade to LED and call it a day. No need for all that custom work.

  • BrucieBruce

    I loved hopped up Mustangs when I was a kid, but I’d rather take a Porsche 918 with several $100,000s to go in my pocket! Nice car but I could spend that money on it.

  • Jacob Trombley

    No way that licence plate is legal…

  • Vassilis

    This or a hypecar? Hm, I wonder. A hypercar obviously!

    • Me Smith

      For $1.3 million. YES Hypercar

  • fabri99

    It really doesn’t look 1.3 million dollars special.

  • Bob White

    Watch it go to BJ and then see the bids dry up at 50K. Surely, people aren’t that stupid.

  • Tony

    Where did the money go? I mean for that cost it should look more special but in my opinion it doesn’t.

    • Me Smith

      I bet half went into the custom body work.

  • Blade t

    should be able to build 10 for that price

  • Me Smith

    For $300K I would buy a full restored BOSS 429

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