Ford Escape Ushered Into “Escape The Room” Driving Challenge

If you enjoy the popular Escape the Room game, then you should check out Ford’s remastered edition, which now includes the world’s first drive experience.

Designed in collaboration with New York State’s “I Love New York” campaign by Ford Motor Company and “puzzle master” Victor Blake, it will challenge participants to use the latest features of the 2017 Ford Escape to find out clues and to solve puzzles.

Ford asked if I’d be up for integrating the new Escape into an Escape the Room game, and the end result is unlike anything I’ve created before. The SUV is packed with tons of advanced technology, and it was an entertaining exercise to integrate things like ultrasonic parking sensors into the puzzles and clues that are iconic to the game“, Blake said.

Players will have to escape multiple rooms inside the Moynihan Station building in NYC during the “drive experience” that will take place from June 23 to 26, and do not disclose info on the new challenge so that future participants won’t have their decisions influenced.

Younger, urban consumers today want to live through experiences and engage with brands that represent their lifestyle. They are voracious consumers of life – they’re not spectators, they’re participants. Escape the Room NYC can be summed up as the experience economy trend putting a unique spin on the traditional test drive“, said the automaker’s experiential marketing manager, Ginger Kasanic.

Some of the technologies equipping the 2017 Ford Escape, which will be integrated into the game, include the audio system, park assist, adaptive cruise control, collision warning with brake support, rearview camera, ambient lighting, hands-free operable tailgate, remote start and remote lock and voice-to-text.

In less than 24 hours since Ford has opened the game to the public, more than 1,000 consumers have signed up and pre-registration is currently sold out, but “walk-in spots will be available each day”, Ford writes.


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