A Lamborghini Urus 6×6 Would Make That Mercedes Look Tame

The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 is a remarkable vehicle. Hell, it’s one of the craziest road-legal off-roaders ever conceived and is as threatening as having a smashed beer bottle shoved in your face.

But if Lamborghini were to ever create a similar 6×6 based around its upcoming Urus SUV, the results would be like looking down the barrel of a shotgun about to fire. So to give us an idea of how such a vehicle could look, the crew over at Lambo Cars have come up with this crazy rendering.

Using the 6×6 from Mercedes-Benz as its base, the body of the G-Class has been supplemented with the aggressive and pointed design of the Urus Concept. With everything blacked out save for some red accents on the wheels, the finished product is perhaps the coolest off-roader we’ve ever seen, even though it doesn’t exist.

While Lamborghini has a history of creating some frankly ridiculous models in its 53 year history, a Urus 6×6 may be a little bit too extreme. But if the Germans did it, why can’t the Italians?


  • roy

    That’s a big NOPE

  • Carlos Gamarra

    thats not insane, THAT’S F**KING MENTAL

  • Zandit75

    You know what? That works so well!!

  • Maroun Jahchan

    This will be a beast on the road.

  • weetec

    Looks like a turd

  • T_Cake

    Ugly as balls, though I’m sure it would find an audience.

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • lamborghini needs to remake the LM 002 ,not a hot hatch suv ,at lleast in limited edition like veneno !

    • Jawad Karim

      no, lets make more and actually enjoy them

  • Xandao

    So stupid..

  • Jawad Karim

    id still choose the g wagon anyday, the back is way to smooth for the front anyway