Cadillac Confirms Future Product Plans Including New Flagship

Cadillac chief executive Johan de Nysschen has outlined the company’s updated future product plans which include a host of significant model refreshes and a range of brand new models.

In the comments section of an article from The Detroit Bureau, the executive said that the much talked-about range-topping sedan, known as the CT8, has been ‘revised’ and will no longer be a sedan, perhaps suggesting that it will instead take the form of a luxurious SUV. Alternatively, there’s a chance he is hinting that a flagship four-door coupe is being favored.

Additionally, de Nysschen says that contrary to speculation, the Cadillac XTS won’t be axed and that a major refresh is in fact on the cards. While we don’t know when this updated model will arrive, a name change is possible as are a host of mechanical and visual modifications and improvements.

Elsewhere, it has been confirmed that the American marque will introduce what de Nysschen refers to as new Lux 2 and Lux 3 sedan entries. One of these models could take the form of an entry-level sedan slotting below the ATS and rivalling the likes of the Mercedes-Benz CLA and BMW 1/2-Series.

As expected, Cadillac is also moving forward with its plans to introduce a large crossover sitting below the gargantuan Escalade as well as a compact crossover beneath the XT5. A significant update will also come to the CT6 range later in the model’s life cycle.


  • Craig

    None of this actually excites me for some reason.

  • TheBelltower

    Talk talk talk talk. Cadillac has been talking brand strategy, and showing stunning concepts for nearly a half century. With mostly mediocre results. How can someone with such a solid understanding of the industry, and the ability to articulate brilliant strategy, then produce cars like the ATS and XTS? de Nysschen should feel a little embarrassed right now. Though the CTS-V is pretty much perfect.

    • Enter Ranting

      Well, the ATS and CTS routinely out-perform their competition from BMW, so they’re doing something right.

      • TheBelltower

        They make very competent sedans. But they are ordinary designs that not enough people want.

      • getoffme

        Cadillac nailed the handling but it lags behind everything else.

  • Merc1

    So in other words they’re going to still remain behind the competition. They know they can’t build a sedan to truly compete with the S-Class, next generation A8 and the 7-Seriers. A flagship SUV is much easier.


    • Kash

      Well there’s a couple things here to think about:
      1. large sedans are almost a niche market now. The S-class sells the best out of the Germans in the US. YTD: 10k sedans. Compared to the 300 in the US has sold 30k units. The 7 has sold about 6.8k units and the A8 is less than 2,500. Which means they take much longer to recoup costs and you have a bigger chance of losing money on them.
      2. The Range Rover has sold almost 9.3k units so far. Mercedes GL/GLS: 15k units. Range Rover Sport: 12k units.

      It has nothing to do with being able to build a car good enough to compete with the Germans but rather following market trends and demands and what will sell better and make the most money.

  • Raf

    I feel Cadillac is way too behind at this point compared to competition that they have to be more
    strategic with what they offer. Had they already had majority of the
    models the Germans had to compete with may be a different story but the
    market dictates SUVs are the way to go. Also quite surprised the XTS won’t be going away. Won’t it compete with the CT6? And it seems this flagship 4 door coupe will be some form of the Escala. No one wants to compete with the S-class lol.

    • Enter Ranting

      Cadillac doesn’t need a hundred variants like BMW. The XTS makes money as a rental and livery car, so it makes sense to keep it around. The CT6 is more advanced and upscale. Doesn’t the 3 Series compete with the 4 Series?

      • Bob White

        And apparently, they don’t need to make money either… Lol

        • Enter Ranting

          Unless you consider that Cadillac “continuously has the highest Average Transaction Price (ATP) in the U.S. luxury car sector.” And that GM’s second quarter income was up 157 percent at $2.9 Billion. Also, the CT6 and XT5 are just now hitting the market. They’re making plenty of money, with lots more on the way.

  • Bob White

    No full EVS?????

  • MarkoS

    Seems to me Caddy already previewed the CT8 in the Escala at Pebble Beach. It wasn’t a Sedan. Cadillac needs to get the ATS replacement out and get right this time, the ATS has a great Chassis but the rest of the car is not competitive with the 3 series and the A4.

  • Shane

    Personally I would like to see them make something that would compete with the Panamera or the Bentayga. They have so many motors to make a fun and fast 4 door coupe, from a V6 all the way to the future ZR1 motor. They could make one that looks more slanted to go with their styling instead of roundish like a Porsche or Audi. On the Bentayga aspect I would love to see an American SUV that is even of the finest quality. I love the Brits attention to detail and how well they make interior look, no expense spared.

  • smartacus

    will not be a sedan or an SUV
    it will be a tall 5-door fastback similar to the MB GLC

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