Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Sets Storming 7:32 Lap At The Nurburgring

Shortly after Porsche made the claim that its new Panamera Turbo was the fastest five-door sedan around the Nurburgring, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio has reclaimed its title.

At the vehicle’s launch in 2015, the Italian marque said it could lap the famed circuit in just 7:39, based on virtual sector times. As it turns out, it’s actually a little bit faster than expected, recently lapping ‘Green Hell’ in a mere 7 minutes and 32 seconds.

The car used in the record-breaking run was installed with the vehicle’s optional eight-speed automatic transmission, rather than the six-speed manual. Behind the wheel was expert Italian racer Fabio Francia and throughout the clip, it’s obvious that he is pushing the potent sedan to its absolute limits, hitting over 280 km/h on the track’s long straight and clipping the curbs at every corner.

Given the Giulia Quadrifoglio’s potent engine, it isn’t surprising that its fast. The twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 powertrain has been tuned by engineers with expertise at Ferrari and can accelerate the car to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a mere 3.9 seconds, thanks to 503 hp. The car also has a perfect 50/50 weight distribution and an advanced torque vectoring system.


  • Six_Tymes

    damn impressive

  • Kuba

    Wow 😮

  • Melo

    Polo, blue jeans, rolex and record… love this driver

  • fabri99

    Well, I am impressed indeed. For once, good job Alfa.

  • ErisC

    Establishing the record with a t-shirt in short sleeve, in jeans and a Rolex….in a “normal” production car, without removing the back seats and with no roll bars… Impressive! Good job Alfa and Fabio Francia (the driver)!

  • smartacus

    It looked pretty busy. Quite a lot of bouncing and jouncing.
    Driver had to work for it.

    • Matt

      More like he was just working the car to its absolute limit. Any car would bounce around when it’s being driven over the high kerbs, yet the driver never looked like he wasn’t in control. Very impressive skills and composure.

  • Respect for Alfa, but knowing how Ferrari “prepares” its cars it makes me wonder how much HP is really under the hood.

  • Ermal Morina

    Wow that’s awesome.But the hing is that,i don’t trust italians very much,that car could easily have more horsepower.

    • ClassicAlfa

      Germans never cheat, neither they install diesel emission cheating software. 🙂
      Competition is what we’ve been missing recently. Hopefully, more automakers join that awesome race!

    • You don’t trust italians? I don’t trust albanian trolls

  • Major Lee Gassole

    Holy hell that was crazy! Amazing what someone with some real driving skills can accomplish. Some of those bumps and all the wheel input had me thinking, “How the hell did he NOT crash!?” Way to go Alfa and Fabio!

  • Mafio

    I want one so hard!

  • Wandering_Spirit

    From the video i notice that it is a car that has to be “driven”….it’s not for everyone. Pretty sure further tests will confirm. I see some under steering, very nervous reactions in turns etc. Must be plenty fun but unless electronically controlled, not for everyone. The 147 with the Busso engine was the same.

  • Dennis James

    That driver doesn’t seem to be human. His correction times look faster and more precise than any computer could achieve 🙂

    The Alfa Giulia does seem to be a great car.

  • Bob

    This man went into this with a do or die mentality. This car could have gone faster were it not for the weight of this man’s balls. Then again, had he not hamstrung it the way he did, he would not have been able to squeeze all of that performance out of that car. I mean, congratulations Alfa for making such a quick vehicle but I take my hat off to Fabio!

  • alexxx

    that driver and that car worked in perfect harmony!!!


    respect alfa



    • alexxx


  • yeah, definitely standard road car, not like they’d lie again is it, yawn.

  • Radek Puls Kosmosu

    I gotta say – never seen anything that entertaining and to be honest that scary from a cockpit. Suddenly all the walls of Nurburgring were too damn close, and the guy worked the car like a boss. Wouldn’t want to be in the back seat of that car on this joyride. but impressed.

    • lolada

      Check Aventador SV laptime at nordscheleife.

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