Carlos Sainz Jr Has Seen Toro Rosso’s 2017 Chassis And He’s Thrilled

If the solution to make Formula 1 great again is wider tires and better aerodynamics, then 2017 could be the most exciting season in years.

One man who’s very excited about next year is Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz Jr, who recently got the chance to see the team’s 2017 chassis.

“I’ve seen it in the wind tunnel. I must say, it looks like another category to this year. That’s what F1 needs,” said the young Spaniard. “We call it hybrid F1. It’s hybrid, it’s not quite full F1. The car next year looks like a proper F1 car.”

As reported by Autosport, not everyone is completely over the moon with the new regulations. While drivers such as McLaren’s Jenson Button stated that 2017 cars will be awesome, others such as Daniel Ricciardo expects more of the same during races.

“If the cars are faster, that’s cool,” said the Aussie driver. “The race probably less so, but in qualifying if we can really be flat-out in Turn 3 in Barcelona and close to flat-out at Turn 9 in Barcelona, for example, that’s cool.”

“Just to really put a bit more of ourselves on the line on a qualifying lap will already make it more fun. If the race eventually mellows out to a similar sort of style to this year, I don’t think that’s tragic, I think that’s OK.”

To many Formula 1 fans, car aesthetics can be very important though – not just performance. If Sainz is right and the cars do indeed look like they belong in “another category”, then we most certainly can’t wait to see what he meant by it.