Mayor Removes Traffic Signs From Intersection To ‘Calm Traffic’ [Updated]

This rather problematic intersection is located in Romania Serpukhov, Russia where the Mayor purportedly wanted to tackle traffic by removing all road signs.

Sure enough, the plan didn’t pan out, as a local proved after capturing all kinds of accidents by placing a camera at a nearby tree.

What’s worse is that, according to the description of the clip, the Mayor was even called out on his decision during a town hall meeting where he said that the intersection only had “slight issues” – which couldn’t be further away from the truth, as you can see for yourself in the footage.

You’ve got cars running into each other, you’ve got buses getting hit, vans, pretty much any type of vehicle brave enough to cross the intersection looks to be at risk.

Now, if you’re thinking something like “why aren’t drivers aware of the issue and slowing down?”, well that might be because cars aren’t running into each other literally all the time, so once you’ve gone past the intersection unaware of the problem, there’s no reason to think that you’re in danger.

That being said, you’d imagine there would still be a few close calls that would prompt at least some drivers to approach the intersection with relatively low speeds – at least that’s what we’d do. Or just avoid it altogether.

UPDATE: Unfortunately we too fell prey to the video’s description, which stated that this intersection is situated in a Romanian town. In reality, it’s in Serpukhov, Russia, where we also witnessed this road rage episode a few months back. Thanks to everyone for bringing it to our attention.