Skoda To Decide On Possible U.S. Launch By Next Fall

With an extensive vehicle lineup led by the newly unveiled Kodiaq, and more models said to be in the pipeline, Skoda could eventually sell their cars in the States.

An official decision will be taken within a year’s time, according to the brand’s chief Bernhard Maier, who recently spoke to Autocar on the matter, confirming a feasibility study that is currently underway, the outcome of which will help Skoda’s execs figure out how to approach the situation.

I expect the report to be ready next autumn, but we are not under any time pressure to make a decision. I prefer to make the decision when I know the facts and I want to know that if we go there, it is with a focus on growing step by step. We must have the right products and the right infrastructure“, Maier said.

Skoda has played their North American card on the safe side so far and has made sure that if a positive decision is taken, they will be able to use the Octavia, Superb, Yeti, vRS and H-Tec monikers on the other side of the Atlantic. Moreover, even the Kodiaq SUV has been named after the Kodiak bear that lives on an island in Alaska.