Toyota’s U.S. Sales Fall For The Fourth Straight Month, Down 5%

Toyota has posted its four consecutive month of declining sales in the United States.

Throughout the month of August, the company’s American sales fell by 5 per cent to 213,125 vehicles, largely due to the reduced demand for Toyota’s car and pickup truck models.

Sales across Toyota and Scion dropped by 4.6 per cent to 182,187 and within that lowered total was a 12 per cent decrease in car sales and a 4 per cent fall in pickup sales. The company’s light-truck sales did rise by 9.1 per cent however while figures for Lexus fell by 7.6 per cent to 30,938 sales.

Compared to August 2015, Toyota sold fewer units of every one of its car models, except the hydrogen-powered Mirai. This was somewhat offset by greater demand for SUV models. More specifically, the RAV4 experienced an 8.6 per cent jump in sales up to 33,171 units. Sales of the Highlander and 4Runner also rose by 12 and 16 per cent respectively.

In a statement, group vice president and general manager of Toyota’s U.S. division, Bill Fay said “Coming off the strongest SAAR of the year at 17.9M units in July, the industry took a bit of a step back in August.”


  • Mike Gonzalez

    with all that fugly line-up is a no-brainer… at least in Europe Toyota seems to be doing things correctly

    • Six_Tymes

      I agree, fugly is spot on.

    • dumblikeyou2

      What Europe are you seeing? I just checked several European Toyota website and they’re pretty much the same Toyotas as North America. ie Fucking Ugly

    • Peter

      The cars here in europe are much uglier, than in the US

      • Mike Gonzalez

        hmmm no! most american cars are ugly as hell (minus muscle cars)

        • Karl

          Next try to read with an eye for the details,the conversation wasn’t about American cars but Toyota models sold in the US! Your ignorance is on full display!

  • Peter

    Maybe, because their cars See ugly as hell…

  • fabri99

    Which such a classy looking line-up, I wonder why they’re doing so bad.

    • TheBelltower

      Tongue-in-cheek, clearly.

  • smartacus

    well duh, they don’t have competitive products.

  • Liam

    the consequence of mediocrity and boringness…..

  • TheBelltower

    Toyota is today what GM was in the 80s and 90s. Terrible at design, overly protective of market share, corrupt, plagued with safety issues, and appealing primarily to those who are blindly brand loyal. Toyota is a shell of what it was in the 80s and early 90s, and buyers’ lack of enthusiasm toward the brand is well earned.

  • James Denz

    With the ugly lineup of cars, I think sales will continue to drop if not plummet.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Because of their lackluster lineup

  • BGM

    I truly wish Toyota would go bankrupt and take Lexus with it into the pits of hell. I hate their DRLs so f**king much!

    • Ary Wisesa

      I truly wish Toyota strive and flourish more and more, and it improve its product to be better looking while still retaining its legendary reliability. Why? Because it is one of the most important companies that already provide millions of jobs for millions of people in the world. You hate its DRL? Fine. Don’t bother to look at it. There are millions of people in the world who would be happy to see those DRL running around. Because it means that those DRLs are sold (along with its bearer, the vehicle itself), and it means many people would be able to bring money home and provide food for their families.

      Fact: Toyota provides jobs for millions of people so those people can provide food, clothing, shelter, education, insurance and part of happiness for their families. That’s why Toyota has to stay. And you? What have you done for society other than insulting and trolling around?

  • getoffme

    And Ford and GM are down as well. What is their excuse?

  • I couldn’t make up my mind between grotesque and bizarre, but their front ends are off-putting. Add the Lexus “spindle” predator look, and I can see why they have to offer huge incentives to sell their inventory.

  • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

    toyota make the most reliable cars in the world and theres no other company thats even close to it , a toyota hilux that racked 500,000 miles is considered just having its baby steps in africa and the amazon. i think the reason y their sales are down is because they dont offer any sort of tech as standard in their cars, no bluetooth , carplay, android auto and their competition do for much lower price ( hyundai, kia )

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