Another Day, Another Ford Mustang Crashes Leaving Car Event

As if the stereotype of Ford Mustang drivers couldn’t get any worse, footage of yet another Mustang crash has emerged and once again, it occurred as the muscle car was leaving a car event.

Following the weekend’s GT350 crash in Houston, this white Shelby Mustang crashed at the Lake Forest Sports Cars event in Lake Bluff, Illinois.

As the videos shows, everything seems to be going fine for the driver as they leisurely pull onto the road, seemingly aware of the damp conditions. Then things go wrong.

With what sounds like a tiny press of the throttle, the rear tires of the Mustang break traction, swiftly sending the rear of the car sliding to the right.

The driver then appears to briefly tap the brakes causing the Mustang to fishtail the other way before it slides across the road, over a curb and then comes to rest against a tree.

According to a commentator on the video, the car was fitted with slick racing tires at the time of the crash.


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