Facelifted Ford Mustang Coming In 2018 With 10-Speed Gearbox

Unveiled at the end of 2013, the sixth generation Ford Mustang is now getting ready to be updated, as a facelifted version is already in the pipeline.

Besides the usual exterior tweaks that will include an updated grille, different lighting units on both ends and modified front and rear bumpers, joined by possible trim mods inside, the popular muscle car will share an important feature with the Chevrolet Camaro: a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

Expected to show its fresh face sometime in 2018, according to Autocar, the Ford Mustang will retain its 2.3-liter EcoBoost and 5.0-liter V8 engines, along with the 3.7-liter V6 that is offered in the US, and the most probable scenario is that the new transmission will be offered as an option to the V8.

Sources within the Michigan-based giant state that the gearbox will be offered in the USA, but have yet to confirm whether it will be launched in Europe too.

Word on the street has it that Ford will probably make an announcement of the facelifted Mustang at either the 2016 LA Auto Show next month, or at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show in January.


  • Enter Ranting

    Lose the fake stitching on the dashboard. It’s obviously molded plastic.

    • samurai

      Not if you get the premium Interieur, then it’s real leather with real stitches

    • Six Thousand Times

      No, they’re real.

      • Enter Ranting

        Not on the plastic dashboard they’re not.

        • Six Thousand Times

          Hmm. I got the premium interior. Glad of it, now.

  • McF1

    If the suspected 2018 facelift occurs, does that mean that it will be in production in July 2017?

    • samurai

      Yes, production of the facelift will start in June 2017 since Flatrock plant always has the model year Change then

  • Six Thousand Times

    It would be nice to see some aluminium parts to cut weight. Hood, doors, decklid.

    • samurai

      Hood is already Aluminium 😉

      • Six Thousand Times

        Owning one, I probably should’ve known that! What a maroon!

    • metric

      Hood and fenders are currently made out of aluminum.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Yeah, went out and tapped on them – should have known!

    • smartacus

      fyi, there already are aluminum parts on it to cut weight.

  • jit

    I just wish Ford put the GT350 front end into this car and add a DI 5.0 and a new 6 speed MT
    No need for styling upgrades or even weight reduction

    The GT350 even without Magne Ride dampers is actually extremely good,so I think that will be enough to make the new 2018 Mustang

    • samurai

      According to the first spyshots it seems like the new frontspoiler will look a lot like the GT350 one

      • jit

        I mean looks wise the Mustangs are gorgeous,
        I really want that GT350 front end
        The current GT and GT350 while looks similar feels like 2 different cars on road, shows how good the s550 actually is with GT350 front end design

        Ford just needs to add that standard to all Mustangs and even that would be enough the DI 5.0 and new 6 speed arent fully essential but the 10 speed AT will join the pack as we already know

        Anyway hope Ford does put some effort in improving dynamics of the s550 Mustang as of now I felt it has a lot to do to catch up with the ultra light Camaro SS

  • Gustavo Adriano

    IMO Ford has to change that headlights, they are boring, it’s like the car is craying. The optic set from the predecessor’s facelift is still the better choice.

  • smartacus

    10 speed automatic will be awesome.
    even better gas mileage

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      We want 30!

  • vbondjr1

    I’m honestly happy they’re doing a redesign but what I would really love to see is for Ford to do a redesign on the engine and exhaust system. the 5.0L is decent at best but honestly its the lowest man on the totem pole as far as power. 435hp is a joke in comparison to its competitors. Honestly they need to take the GT350 induction system along with the GT350 style heads and FRPP cam upgrade and make that all factory as well as taking the GT350 exhaust system (HEADERS AND ALL WITH THE RESONATORS) and using that on the new car plus adding direct fuel injection to the car to go along with the 10-speed automatic. Also they need to have magnetic ride, GT350 Brembo brakes, track pack handling upgrades FRPP rear axles standard, 4:10 standard gear ratio for the automatic 10-speed and a better rear spoiler. Other than that, the car is great.

    • samurai

      Mustang is totally leading against it’s competitors, selling almost as much as Camaro and Challenger together + huge sales on Export markets, especially germany. The new Camaro has outstanding performance figures, but it’s selling way worse then it’s predecessor
      The 5.0l Coyote is a great engine, even though it’s not the most modern. With the GT you can compete against other 60k€+ cars, I just don’t think the usual customer really need more power just to have more hp than the other Pony cars.
      What you describe are good things for a track pack, like the rumored Mach 1 Edition. But remember that with magnetic ride, Pistol brakes and better exhaust the Camaro 2SS easily goes above $50k

    • Orang Yousefian

      Then it would be 60 thousand dollars not 38 thousand dollars !

  • bloggin

    I wonder what engines the 10-speed will be offered with initially. F-150 gets it with the 3.5L, and not the 2.7L initially. And if Ford is making the 10-speed a EcoBoost add-on only, we may have another EB coming for Mustang(GT EcoBoost?)

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