Grab This Nero LaFerrari And Tell Everybody It Was Alonso’s – Even Though It Probably Wasn’t

Just a heads-up, it won’t be cheap.

At the time Ferrari was gearing up to let the high-performance LaFerrari hybrid loose, Fernando Alonso was still racing for the Scuderia. The Italian company is known to collaborate with its drivers in order to develop and fine-tune certain models, and that’s exactly what happened in this case.

According to Alonso’s official site, the world champion worked on the car’s driving position, control layout, and handling (around the track). Moreover, it’s believed that after the 6.3-litre V12 automobile enter production, both he and Massa ordered one of the 500 units.

This particular example, offered for sale by Auto Salon Singen, has a small plaque on the vehicle’s steering wheel that reads “Fernando ALONSO” (instead of F150, Limited Edition, LaFerrari or the customer’s dog name). So, is it Alonso’s?

Highly unlikely, because the plaque was offered as a factory option (to any LaFerrari) as an homage to Fernando’s work on the control layout, seating position and whatnot. Let us put it this way, even Felipe Massa’s LaFerrari could sport the “Fernando Alonso” steering wheel plaque (although it probably doesn’t).

The vehicle’s price is undisclosed, but the dealer offers another six (yes, 6) LaFerraris for sale, each with a price tag over the €3 million mark ($3,308,850), with the most expensive costing €3,629,500 ($4,003,701).

For that kind of cash, you’ll get one of the fastest, most iconic, and most advanced road-going vehicles ever created, which should be enough.


  • Kartveli

    Tell everybody? lol This is a slave’s position…
    With all my respect to Alonso, I don’t feel myself smaller than him. And I think that the man , who can pay so much money for the car, is enough self confident not to scream that he drives someones car that he bough after the original owner. And If it was my car, I would not like to see any names there, unless it is a special edition named in honour someone… Otherwise I’d pay to remove it.