Make Your BMW X5 More Aggressive With TopCar And Lumma

Aside from a mean-looking front-end, the standard BMW X5 is your regular Sports Activity Vehicle that doesn’t necessarily stand out from the crowd.

The X5’s looks aren’t on par with its sportiness, but there’s nothing an aggressive body-kit can’t fix. And the BMW X5 has what it takes (stance, proportions) to be transformed from normal to mad in a jiffy.

These particular examples sports a Lumma wide-body kits comprised of widen fender flares with air inlets at the rear axle, a brand-new front bumpers with integrated daytime running lights, custom made side skirts, and a rear bumpers with an integrated diffusers. There’s no question about it, the vehicle’s improved visual elements reflect Lumma’s performance-oriented style.

For example, the vented hood on the black variant was designed for hot countries and big engines, while the rear spoiler lip provides downforce at high-speed.

Since the tuning packages are universal for all engine options, there are no official power figures (TopCar says performance upgrades for diesel and gasoline engines will soon follow), but the kits comes with four oval tailpipes – available on request with sound flaps – and a set of 23-inch new super-lightweight sport rims wrapped in 315/25-23 tires.

The interior can be commissioned in Alcantara or carbon accents, high quality velour floor mats, as well as aluminum pedals with non-slip rubber studs. In fact the vehicle cabin can be customized according to the customer’s wishes.



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