Video Shows Romanian Trucker Texting And Driving, Plowing Through Slow-Moving Traffic

A truck driver paying more attention to his mobile phone than the traffic up ahead has caused a massive pileup in the United Kingdom.

Identified as 30-year old Romanian Razvan Rusu, the man was captured on dashcam looking down at his gadget and failing to see that the vehicles in front were hitting their brakes. By the time he realized what was happening, it was already too late, as his truck hit a van and two other vehicles, according to the Mirror, injuring two drivers in the process, who were taken to the hospital.

Rarely it is possible to see such a clear example of the risks some drivers are willing to take, with mobile phones and the danger that using them whilst driving can cause. It is only down to the quick thinking of one of the drivers who moved just before impact that there weren’t multiple serious injuries, or even worse. That driver was willing to take these risks, whilst being aware that he was being filmed is even more incredible“, said the Serious Collision Investigation United Detective Sergeant, Stephen Pidgeon.

The accident took place last year in March, but it was only brought forward as Rusu fled back to his native country right after that. However, he came back to the UK more recently and, upon his return, the local authorities seized his passport, and threw him in jail for eight months, accusing him of reckless driving.


  • Smartphone Genius

    I have never texted while driving—never. Just like I would never want a surgeon texting while operating on me.

  • BGM

    A truck going fast and on the left lane, two things he wasn’t supposed to be doing (plus the texting for which we can add reckless driving and send him to jail).

    There was a story a few days ago about trucks and their drivers which elicited a lot of comments and here we have this video…

    • Jay

      He actually looked up twice before the accident, giving ample time to slow down and/or switch lanes this guy does not need to be texting and driving.

      • Andrewthecarguy

        My guess is its sexting or porn. Cause there’s no reason he didn’t stop.

  • hang him…..

    • Andrewthecarguy


  • Knotmyrealname

    Imagine if there was a baby in the back seat of those vehicles.

  • Ben M

    A guy in the UK got 10 years in prison for this today. He killed a mother and 3 children!

  • Six Thousand Times

    I just want europeon to know that I’m not stooping to any Romanian jokes here