A Female Reviewer’s Take On The Ferrari GTC4Lusso

With its four-seat layout, revolutionary four-wheel drive system and a decent boot size, the GTC4Lusso is the closest thing to a daily driver Ferrari has ever made.

Since it was launched earlier this year and subjected to countless reviews, most gear heads have already formed a solid opinion when it comes to what it can do, but it doesn’t hurt anyone to see what a young woman feels about it, after taking it on a short drive during a rainy afternoon.

She might be living in Germany, but for this review, the Ferrari wasn’t been taken to the Nurburgring for a few tire-shredding laps. Instead, Sophia Calate, who describes herself as a “supercar enthusiast” that drives a Porsche 991 GT3, focused mostly on the car’s practicality and talked about the large infotainment screen and other features, not just the sheer power of the 680 horsepower V12 lump or cornering at the limit.

Some online research revealed that Calate is not a stranger to supercars. In fact, she was often surrounded by some of the hottest machines on the planet, from the Lamborghini Huracan to the mighty Ferrari LaFerrari, so she has to know what she’s talking about, right?


  • john coleman

    Wow, Wow and the car was good as well!!

  • Unbelievably sexist article. Very disappointing.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      I know! You barely get a “keek” at her ass…

    • Six_Tymes

      what is sexist? are you OK swage?

      • europeon

        Come on, man… We live in the age of gender equal snow plowing, of course it’s sexist.

        Everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic and you have to point it all out…

        • Well it is sexist. And sexism should be called out.

          Sexism/racism/homophobia can take different forms, and it’s not always “I hate women”, “I hate brown people”, “I hate gay people”. Just cause it doesn’t actually say “girls are dumb”, it doesn’t mean that’s not the implication. Most people, I would hope, have the mental reasoning abilities to see that.

          And it’s frustrating, because as car people we should be encouraging more people to get into the hobby, instead of patronising and dehumanising half of our potential base.

          • europeon

            Car people need sandwiches too.

          • Six_Tymes

            you are the sexist thinking one on this, this review isn’t.

          • gary4205

            You are obviously an idiot!

            The woman obviously knows her stuff. I’d rather get her opinion, even in German, than some hairy kegged old boy’s, any day of the week!

          • BGM

            Spot on the first sentiment. About the second one, I’d rather see the TG or GT guys giving me a talk about cars.

            But if blondes and cars are your thing – and mine too, we should form a club – search Alison Angel driving a Lamborghini. Hot…

        • BGM

          I and many like me can’t be cowed by accusing us of being any of these things. These words have lost all meaning and what little power they had to begin with. Anyone that uses them as a cudgel with which to browbeat others deserves no respect or even the courtesy of being listened to.

          Go back to your safe space swage.

          • I’m not trying to browbeat others mate. If you genuinely feel intimidated and hurt by my comments, I’m afraid you need to grow thicker skin because I’m not going to sugar coat my comments to appease sexists.

        • Six Thousand Times

          The upside: we can still bash the Romanians. Is your mother still working and how much does she charge?

      • The article could probably do without the constant mentions of her gender, but this paragraph is what really stood out to me
        “Some online research revealed that Calate is not a stranger to supercars. In fact, she was often surrounded by some of the hottest machines on the planet, from the Lamborghini Huracan to the mighty Ferrari LaFerrari, so she has to know what she’s talking about, right?”

        To me at least, it seems like the article is written with the assumption that women know nothing, and this particular woman has defied all odds by actually not being completely ignorant.

        • europeon

          Relax, it’s not assuming she doesn’t know how to make sandwiches of give bl**jobs, so her reputation is safe.

          I sometime wonder what went wrong with the human society to generate grotesque and absurd moral busybodies like yourself.

          • Nothing went wrong. It’s just that society progressed and some people, unfortunately, have been left behind and still hold their antiquated views even after society has broadly moved on.

            It’s always interesting how every generation thinks they’re the rational ones, and it’s always the generation below who are taking political correctness too far and ruining society. It’s like everyone thinks they’re the first generation to ever whine about hippies.

            You’ll be happy to hear there is no grand politically correct SJW conspiracy to bring about the downfall of society. You’re just backwards.

          • europeon

            Conspiracy? LOL! You mean the same people that came up with the gender pay gap, 3rd wave feminism, BLM, gender equal snow plowing, non-binary genders, and so on, are smart enough to orchestrate some conspiracy? You’re funny.

        • gary4205

          If some guy we never heard of, popped up out of nowhere, we’d ask about his credentials too.

          This kind of idiotic nonsense is why that weasel Trump got elected.

          • See, I don’t think people would. I think with male car journalists, people generally assume they know what they’re talking about until proven otherwise. The author of this article appears to be coming from the opposite perspective – assuming the woman in the video is useless until she proves her worth.

            Just my opinion, of course, but that was the impression I got.

  • Maa_4861

    Carscoops sexist much ?

  • ErnieB

    What was this video about? All I saw was a most beautiful blond..

  • Igor G. Gomes

    english? or subtitles?

  • dumblikeyou2

    She’s no Rosie O’Donnell, but I wouldn’t mind being driven around by her. Her lips though. Hate when girls pump up their lips.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      Which…..nah, I’m not going to go there.

  • gary4205

    Nice review. Made me want to goout and drive one!

  • Six_Tymes

    Good review. thanks for posting.

    • PeterMcPumpkinPhD (Harvard)

      Nice comment. Thank you for this

  • xenjitsu

    Did you REALLY have to put the title “Female” Reviewer?

    • europeon

      What’s wrong with it?

  • antbee

    I love the car, I really like the blue, but I think this particular Ferrari would look better in a lighter colour, for some reason.
    I loved the review. Sophia showed us more things about the vehicle, than I think most other reviews have done, especially for those who intend to use it as a daily driver. I mean, I never new the car beeped like a heavy equipment vehicle, until she showed it to us. I had also not known about the passenger side information centre, which I think is a great feature.
    The only thing I didn’t like was, the headline of the article, and the last paragraph. It does come across as sexist, as @theswageline:disqus has mentioned, because there are never any mentions of gender or race when it comes to male reviewers. The fact that she is very pretty may have played into the writer’s hand, but maybe next time, he could lay off with the gender and doubts, due to said gender.
    I know that beautiful women have usually been associated with car culture, probably since the 50s, and most were just there to model with the car being shown. Since Sophia is a beautiful woman, and has dared to speak about her perceptions of the GT4 Lusso, has turned some people’s heads (large and small), but just like we got used to women being in the lorckerrooms, and doing sports commentary and analysis, we will get used to seeing more women, like Sophia, doing car reviews and the like, as well.
    I hope we see and hear more of what Sophia has to say on Carscoops.

  • antbee

    Why was my first comment on this article held, and then deleted by the moderators?
    It was nowhere near as bad as some.

  • smartacus

    that does have some heavy thighs.
    They couldn’t find something thinner?

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