Elio E1c Engineering Vehicle Debuts In LA, Targets $7,300 Base Price

More than 62,000 customers have allegedly signed up for one of Elio Motors’ trikes, at the time of writing, but in the meantime, some may have noticed that their base price has jumped by $500.

Targeting an MSRP of $7,300, the three-wheeler has edged closer to the production phase, with the E1c, which is part of the brand’s E-Series vehicles, where ‘E’ stands for ‘engineering’.

Presented at the 2016 LA Auto Show, it sports a similar exterior to previous prototypes, but Elio Motors claims that it features “foundational and structural improvements to the frame, suspension, and safety systems that will ultimately create a more satisfying driving experience“.

The E1c represents our continued progress along our long-term plan to bring low-cost, highly fuel efficient transportation to the market. We have assembled an amazing team of engineers and supplier partners who have jumped into every aspect of this vehicle to make sure it meets or exceeds all of our targets“, said the small company’s founder and CEO, Paul Elio.

Additionally, the new Elio E1c, which features an unibody frame, developed by in-house engineers, Schwab Industries, and Roush Engineering, is the brand’s first vehicle equipped with airbags – one mounted in the steering wheel, and two side-curtains.



  • Łukasz

    $7.300 is equivalent of €6.900. This is exactly what buys you base model Dacia Sandero/Logan in European countries like Germany or Poland. The car has 5 seats, 75 HP 1.2 16v four-cylinder (which is now being replaced by 75 HP 1.0 12v three-cylinder), 5-speed manual, does 105 mph and in sedan version has 18 cu. ft. of trunk space. It also has airbags, crumple zones and all the electronic safety goodies.

    Now, in US cars are always way cheaper than in Europe, where the cars are often ridiculously expensive. So why can’t you have a bare-bone basic A to B car? I guess it wouldn’t make sense since when you lease a car for like $50 more a month you can have something nicer like a Fiesta or Versa, so nobody would buy such a basic car. In my opinion this is what will happen with Elio – nobody will buy it, apart from few people who want to have something different than a car and motorcycle like with that god awful and overpriced Can-Am Spyder three-wheeler.

    • Benjamin B.

      James May?

  • smartacus

    i gotta hand it to him,
    he has taken some slow and small baby steps forward,
    but now he’s got a unibody chassis instead of cut-and-weld skeleton.
    This is here to stay now

  • fabri99

    Isn’t it crazy expensive? How much is a Fiesta or a Chevy Spark in the US for comparison? Here in Italy you’d easily get a Panda or even a Hyundai i10 for €7,000, this thing should be much cheaper than a proper car.

    • 208s

      Those compact cars start at around $13,000 in the US

      • fabri99

        Oh ok, thanks.

    • Benjamin B.

      In the US market there aren’t as many small cars, so we get more premium options and with less ecentives. Cheapest cars in the US market are the Smart ForTwo, Nissan Versa, and the Mitsubishi Mirage. The Mirage is the cheapest car available in the US market. It’s powered by a 1.2L three cylinder attached to a 5-speed manual gearbox or a CVT automatic to the front wheels. Translation it’s horrible. 5 -speed is only bearable. But even then, it’s closer to $10k. Europe and Asia have more options for cheaper compacts. Murica gets more large cars and trucks.

      • fabri99

        Oh, I see. More car makers should bring their small models to the US. This is not 1969, the US is ready for small cars.

  • Mill0048

    In the video, I keep hearing the Sonic the Hedgehog spin sound at 1:04, 1;19 and 1:39… Just saying.