Meet The Pathkiller, A Tuned Wrangler With A Cherokee XJ Face [w/Video]

With the Willys MB’s DNA running through its mechanical veins, the Wrangler kept Jeep’s defining characteristics unaltered since the TJ was introduced in 1997. Furthermore, it will continue to do so with the upcoming generation.

Since the model’s recipe has proven to be a big success, no one dared to revolutionize its aesthetics, but the guys of Unofficial Use Only reckoned it was time for a change. That’s how this Cherokee-faced 2015 JKU Wrangler came to be.

It’s called the Pathkiller, and like its name suggests, it has been modified to adventure off the road and look awesome while doing so. What’s more interesting is that the car was named after an actual Cherokee warrior and Principal Chief.

From a visual standpoint, the vehicle’s looks don’t seem out of place, complementing the JK’s boxy body. They’re also quite reminiscent of the YJ Wrangler, although some will need more than a glance to figure out it’s not a Cherokee they’re seeing.

In order to achieve the look, everything from the windshield to the front of the car had to be modified. That includes the hood, the TJ side fenders with notch flares, the JCR front bumper, and, of course, the grille and headlights.

Thanks to the videos below we know that it sports a Ripp supercharger system, that safely squeezes 325 WHP and 300 ft-lb (406 Nm) of torque out of the 3.6 Pentastar, and a electrically retractable top.



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    Good idea, looks great

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    looks pretty cool… better than a YJ