This Ferrari 250 GTO Could Become The Most Expensive Car In History

There are expensive cars, very expensive cars – and then there’s the Ferrari 250 GTO.

The rare, race-bred Prancing Horse is in a league of its own and things are about to get even more serious. Back in 2014, one of these engineering masterpieces exchanged hands for an obscene amount of money: $38 million, to be more precise.

Since then, there have been a few deals that went past the $20 million mark, but nothing so outrageous as Ferrari’s prized model. By the looks of it, it seems that the only car capable of trumping the previous 250 GTO’s numbers, is another 250 GTO.

Like this blue one, chassis 3387. It was the second 250 GTO built, out of approximately 36, and the first one to prove itself on the track. Not only that, but it also has a well-documented history, competing in 27 races in period and registering 17 class podiums, including 2nd at Sebring and 6th at Le Mans.

Before being delivered to NART, the car was used by Ferrari for testing purposes and development.

You can check out its entire racing pedigree on, the site that’s currently listing it for sale. Unfortunately, the price remains undisclosed, but The Telegraph reports that John Collins – the man behind the Ascot-based Ferrari specialist – is selling for more than £45 million ($56 million).

“I have already had one offer on the car and know there will be interest. It will get you on the Ferrari 70th anniversary tour next year. After the US election, people are going to be looking at investing in assets and this is a lot better than a painting on the wall,” said Mr. Collins.



  • fabri99

    Undeniably good looking and very desireable too, but I can’t pretend the D-Type doesn’t exist. I’d have the brit, sorry.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      I’ll take a D-Type or a 250 Testarossa over this.

      • fabri99

        Or better: Fangio’s Silver Arrow was sold at an auction for 19.8 million euros. It’s a totally different car, but if I’m buying the ultimate collectors machine, it has to be that one.

  • Blade t

    Don’t know if it’s worth 50mil ,but very nice classic ferrari ….

  • Six_Tymes

    such beauty

  • Nik

    Its hard to believe that car can cost so much… I guess only when you drive the car you can understand why it cost that much

    • Bo Hanan

      No car rides that good. And the price is only less shameful than the person who pays that much for the car. There are better (responsible) things to do w/ $38m.

      • TheHake

        Like what? I guess you’re right. You can buy 200x 488 GTB’s with that money.

  • Alex

    Only a beauty face,but,incredibly apparence,no doubt,engineered like several many others front-engine ferraris nonepheless ,this is the true,to me the lasts Testa rossas of 60s are much more!!!

  • Suicide_Note

    Beautiful car and all, but if rather have a 458.

  • tedwja

    rich people still buy manual?

  • TheHake

    Unrivaled beauty. But I have to get winter tyres this month, so I guess I’ll have to pass on this.

  • Santenac Roger

    Here is another Ferrari 250 GTO still on sale apparently …