A Brand New, Unregistered Fiat Coupe Just Popped Up For Sale

One example of the coolest Euro sports cars of the ‘90s, this Fiat Coupe is arguably one of the finest specimens of its breed – and one that comes with one hell of a story.

Before deciding to hate the current owner for letting this iconic Italian coupe sit for all those years, learn that this very bright yellow example is only one of the 15 pre-production models built by Pininfarina.

The specific one was built for RHD markets in order to be used to test dealer feedback on the final trim and interior details, leading to some quirky differences to its regular-production siblings.

These include things like the weird-looking gear lever, the sunroof, the door rubbers, a carpet that’s been made up of sections and a single key. The odometer reads 825 miles, all completed by Pininfarina but the car was never registered for the road.

After the Fiat Coupe entered production, this car was added to Pininfarina’s collection, which means that all these years the car remained in essentially a brand new condition. In 2012 and when Pininfarina declared bankruptcy, the car was bought by a private individual in Italy and only now is offered for sale in the UK.

Documents that come with the car include a Certificate of Conformance and an official letter with details about this specific chassis number. These Fiats were considered one of the most entertaining FWD coupes back in the era, especially the range-topping five-cylinder 20v Turbo version which was seen back in the day as the poor man’s Ferrari.

The car you see here is powered by a four-cylinder 2.0-litre 16v Turbo engine which made 187hp. If you always wanted a proper Italian coupe and happened to be a fan of the distinctive angular body, penned by none other than Chris Bangle, well you’re not going to find one in a better condition.

Offered from Hollybrook Sportscars in Northern Ireland, this brand new Fiat Coupe is offered for an undisclosed price.


  • Thomas

    Really nice design !

  • smartacus

    this is gonna be one of those cars that people bring over from Europe when they are 25 years old.

  • toby2449

    Fiat’s 1996 Coupe has to be one of the finest designs of any car at any price anywhere! It was called the mini-Ferrari of its day – its a sad but telling history that Fiat never replaced this car, it also never replaced the ’90s Barchetta two seater soft top. Very typical of Fiat!

    • PhilLC

      there’s the new 124 Spider now…

    • Miknik

      Whilst not replacing good cars is indeed a specialty of Fiat, in case of the Coupe Fiat however it was actually also understandable as the whole coupe market was practically dead in Europe at the end of it’s lifecycle (and still is)

  • Six Thousand Times

    Always really loved them. Ah, the ’90s – everybody had a coupe and almost nobody had an SUV.

    • atomicbri

      The 90’s definitely had some interesting 2 door and 3 door coupes (Mazda MX-3, Nissan NX and 240SX, and more). Sometimes I miss a cool affordable coupe alternative. Now it’s all SUVs/CUVs and many other look alike vehicles.

  • atomicbri

    Ahhh the Fiat Coupe. It was designed by Chris Bangle before he went to BMW and designed the “love it or hate it” Bangle butt 7 series. I liked this Coupe. Had some interesting design elements and one of the first cars to bring back the dash featuring the exterior colour of the car.

  • Matt

    The design language eventually developed into ‘flame-surfacing’ when Chris Bangle moved to BMW and created the X-Coupe Concept.

    The Coupe to have is the final-run ‘Plus’, powered by a 5-cylinder Turbo with LSD and body kit. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac3e0f4e72d82f8e63323eb5a3a5df977a4bd24982f3c042b7f34c8db6e4fb0d.jpg

  • Alex

    The only that hated at the time this car were the members of Fiat staff ,that said “Too few refined for a Fiat”(they wanted the car with the engine in the middle,plus more aggressivity)and,of course Ferrari-engined,to make Happy Sir Gianni Agnelli!!!!

  • pcurve

    For a car with only 825 miles, the owner sure must’ve loved rubbing on the shifter..

  • PhilLC

    loved this car from the first moment! Lucky is the new owner, whoever that might be…

  • kkk

    good cars.. never rust because body is made of some composite. those lancia 4 and 5 cyl engines are very reliable and turbo ones goes well. some had gearbox problems specially those over 200hp ones.. not very good interor quality plus crap heating at winters… but what the hell its stil a great fun.

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