Alpine SUV Could Use Mercedes-Benz GLA Underpinnings

As Renault’s revived Alpine brand is getting ready to roll out the first examples of their sports car next year, new reports indicate that the company could add an SUV to its line-up in the future.

According to Caradisiac, such a vehicle shouldn’t be expected until the turn of the decade, and even if it’s still too early to talk about what it will be like, the report states that Alpine could actually cooperate with Mercedes-Benz for its development.

This practice has a precedent, with the Renault Nissan Alliance luxury brand Infiniti using the compact Merc for its own QX30 crossover. If this is the case, the Germans are expected to ‘lend’ the GLA’s platform to keep its research and development costs down, but that doesn’t mean that the French SUV will be a rebadged Mercedes.

In fact, it’s expected to bring a different exterior design and a new cabin layout, joined by some of the vehicle’s petrol and diesel engines, which could be topped by the 2.0-liter turbo used in the AMG derivative. Lesser versions will have to do with front-wheel drive, while the more expensive models will gain all-wheel drive.


  • pureworx

    unlikely it will use the AMG 2.0 that unreliable over boosted lump.

    • Silimarina

      How do you know it’s unreliable?

      • pureworx

        i know of many who have bought the a45 amg and their car has spent more time getting repaired than it has done on their drive. one particular example the engine literally fell out of the car.. the mounts failed. There are 3 i know of which had turbo issues and one which seems to have become home to electrical gremlins.

        • Silimarina

          Not this bs story again.I know a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend.

          • pureworx

            not a friends of a friend.. i know the actual owners personally, one of the runs a car hire business and his a45 had its engine fall out.. it only had 1500 miles on the clock.

  • Kaisuke971

    Alpine’s CEO said that they’re going step by step. First, they’ll see if the A120 works, then from there they’ll either do a convertible or a sportier version, then they’ll consider other things… But for now it looks like only the A120 is really in development.

  • smartacus

    This will be interesting.

    Since they are sharing the Mercedes platform …

    i wonder if AMG will eventually share the AMG GT;
    or perhaps the upcoming SL-Series,
    with Nissan or Infiniti.