First Peek At VW’s Upcoming Arteon, Tiguan Allspace & Up GTI

VW released video footage of their upcoming Arteon, Tiguan Allspace and Up GTI models which are all scheduled to debut in 2017.

The company invited a few selected media to drive their new models in South Africa where its development team tests the cars in hot-weather conditions.

The new VW Arteon is set to replace the CC as the sportier sibling of the Passat, adopting a coupe-like appearance with a liftgate similar to that in the Audi A7. VW says that despite the low roofline, they were able to make the Arteon spacious enough to accommodate even the tallest of passengers at the back, thanks to an even longer wheelbase than the model it’s based on.

Compact city cars are about to gain one proper sporty model in the face of the upcoming VW Up GTI. The hot version of VW’s baby model will be powered by a 114hp version of the 1.0-litre TSI engine mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

Last but not least, there’s the Tiguan Allspace, the longer version of the normal Tiguan which will offer an additional 110mm in its wheelbase for more room in the cabin and an optional third row of seats, offering in total space for seven passengers. The new VW Tiguan Allspace has been confirmed for debut at the Detroit Motor Show this January.


  • pureworx

    lift back like an A5, its just the VW A5 not an A7

    pointless and boring vehicle

    • pjl35

      except that it’s significantly larger than the A5…

      • pureworx

        a passat isn’t bigger than an A5.. if this is the passat cc replacement then its an A5

        • pjl35

          you just refuted your own statement in this reply. if the passat is bigger than an A5, why wouldn’t a cc replacement that is the same size or larger than the passat also be bigger than an A5?

          • pureworx

            that was a typo, corrected i meant a passat is not bigger than an A5/A4. Passat sure as hell is not in the same category as an A6 of which the A7 is based,

      • Six Thousand Times

        Different platforms.

        • pjl35

          i know…

  • TrevP

    I like it!

  • hwkr_01

    So I feel a little silly asking but this is the Arteon in these pics here from a few months ago from the new “CC” spyshots? Or is the Arteon a Euro only model based on the A5/7 and N.A. is getting the CC Passat still? They look too similar to distinguish apart from the LED lights on this one here for the “CC” versus the Arteon in the video here

    • Michael Karkafiris

      The Arteon is the new CC for both Europe and North American markets and is based on the Passat platform. And yes, the car on these earlier spy shots is the Arteon, just with more bodyparts covered

    • Charlie Medina’s Smiling Coach

      There is no new CC. This is the Arteon.

    • britansgermanysAfrica

      what we know now as the CC will COCOON into ARTEON and ride on the same MQB Platform as the GOLF, PASSAT, SKODA KODIAK, SEAT ATECA…. ECT its not Passat cc anymore for anybody! total name change! although interior components might be shared with European all new Passat.