Five First Impressions: Cadillac CT6 Platinum

For all the noise that Cadillac has been making, it’s time for them to show off the products, and the Cadillac CT6 is that opening salvo.

Is it enough? Sedans are out in favor of crossovers and Cadillac’s new brand image is just getting off the ground. That puts a lot of pressure on the CT6 to offer more than the German competition.

We’ve had some time in a 2016 Cadillac CT6 Platinum equipped with the turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine. Here are some initial thoughts.

Definitely a Cadillac
While I was unsure of Cadillac launching a car as important as the CT6 is with a design that’s very clearly an extension of their existing sedans, it is unmistakably a Cadillac – 17 feet of it, at that. Its size does command a grand entrance at the valet stand somewhat reminiscent of old Cadillacs – minus the fins, of course.

While the space inside the CT6 is more in line with short-wheelbase versions of the Audi A8, BMW 7-Series and Jaguar XJ, its formal roofline affords the Cadillac an airier feel and what seems like more space. Only the tallest of rear passengers might find legroom more coach than business class.

CUE the frustration
While Cadillac’s CUE system is certainly improved in the CT6 over the Escalade I drove last year, it’s far from what you’d call good. The touchscreen’s response is better, but the new trackpad is basically a finger coordination exercise for the passenger.

When a Cadillac is less Cadillac-like
The 3.0-liter engine is swift and the CT6 is fairly athletic, both of which I’d hoped for when going into driving the car. But the firm front seats and a firm ride give off a decidedly German feel, rather than the cosseting ride of a Cadillac I expected. The big sedan from Jaguar and a brief stint in a Lincoln Continental recently showed there are luxury sedans that still do what this Cadillac should.

Finding its place
It’s $88,000 for this all-in CT6 Platinum, which isn’t really a bargain, but definitely in the league of accomplished cars. It’s not even out of Cadillac’s league, but it’s easy to ponder where the CT6 fits in with its rivals and whether it might fit in better with a different engine and less options.

Photos: Zac Estrada/Carscoops


  • No Cigar

    Simply too expensive for what it is. Kamikaze residual value. Too bad cadillac did not spend the necessary time needed to properly rebuild its customer base with appropriately priced vehicles.

    • Status

      Cadillac’s ‘traditional customer base’ thinks no Cadillac should retail for more than $50K. Those consumers don’t know what a luxury car is, or even what an actualy luxury is.

    • Eric D

      No Cigar, is 100% percent correct even with legalized marijuana sweeping the country nobody is high enough to buy this wannabe.

  • Matt

    Interior is a bit gaudy, exterior a bit tired. Not quite there yet, Cadillac.

    • dumblikeyou2

      interior is gaudy? Have you seen the interior Mercedes has created for the S-class lately? It’s a leather bordello by day, and a gay disco by night.That tacky blue accent lighting belongs in sushi restaurants not Mercedes, but since their customer base’s IQ levels have dwindled, I guess the tack is imperative for sales.

    • Nordschleife

      I am thinking the opposite. It looks a little staid to me but still nice. I also think the exterior is no more or no less exciting than its counterparts.

      • Matt

        When I say tired, I mean we’ve seen this exact same side surfacing and character line since 2008 on the first gen Cruze. Cadillac’s design theme has barely changed in 10 years. The biggest change they’ve made is removing the crest from their logo, hardly ground-breaking.

  • Six_Tymes

    “For all the noise that Cadillac has been making”. always start Cadillac reviews off with a negative, it’s a bit nauseating.

  • ediotsavant

    For that money I’ll get a Mercedes or BMW. More prestige for your money.

    • TheMadSyrupMaker

      Not really, I’ve owned all three and the Cadillac has been the steadiest performer in every category. I don’t need a car that stays in the shop which the BMW did, and the Mercedes was just overrated. I spent less time and money on the Cadillac than any car I’ve owned. That’s why I’ve just ordered a new CT6.

      • ediotsavant

        I think you missed the key word, “Prestige”.

  • Patrick

    Jaguar has a somewhat stiff ride (slow speed) Haven’t test driven the caddy yet

  • Craig

    It should have been more comfort focused. Something like this 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood Talisman Edition. And no – I’m not kidding. Fact is – I miss luxurious CLOTH interior.

    • Matt

      My goodness that’s awful.

      • Craig

        But it’s cozy.

      • dumblikeyou2

        It’s from 1974. Everything was awful then.

        • Matt

          Perhaps, but the Big 3 took things to the next level.

          • dumblikeyou2

            Ya don’t do thing small when you’re BIG.

    • dumblikeyou2

      Nothing says luxury like genuine soft Corinthian leather though.

      • Craig

        But leather is always either too cold or too hot.

        • Matt

          While more complex, seats from the likes of the s class and similar have better comfort to more people since they’re so customizable. Perforated leather, heated & cooled, massages, multiple air bladders to inflate/deflate all sections of the seat. Also the type of foam used is very important to comfort. volvo and lexus have amazing seats because of this. I have a big comfy cloth recliner that i do like alot and luxury car companies could make cloth seats with all the adjustabilities but leather is more aesthetic and feels better to the touch.

    • smartacus

      i gotta admit;
      i would not mind having seats like that right now
      it’s time plush velour came back.

    • DJ

      LOL.. I remember these. talk about a rolling bordello. lol. but seriously. i do recall a few years back cadillac had a concept with cloth seats. it was very nice and luxurious. i believe that is where the current V with the crest backrest came from.

  • jjjj

    The front is ok, but everuthing else looks dated and boring…A&S must go away asap

  • SteersUright

    Damn thats a lame interior for an $88k car. Looks ripped right out of an Impala.

  • smartacus

    the owner of a local casino down here has one;
    all he needs is a mink coat and gold chains to look like some Russian oligarch.

    404HP 3.0 must be nice.

  • Bo Hanan

    Cadillac continues to compete only with its self. They seem to only want to make their new cars better than their previous version. That only works if the “last one” was flying out the door. They should be looking at their competition. Who would spend $90K on this? Seriously?! Does Caddy not know what you can get for $90K from Audi-BMW-Merc-JAG??? Quite a lot actually.

    • dumblikeyou2

      Calm down. Jaguar? I don’t think so.

    • Status

      Well that’s the whole point. If Audi-BWM-Merc can sell a $90K car, why can’t Cadillac? It’s not a race to the bottom.

  • nauticalone

    $90k for this?…No thanks!

  • Bob White

    Put a V8 in it and drop the electronic gadgets and I might be interested.

  • DJ

    looks like an XTS? and very narrow. interior is let down by the black plastic for the rear LCD’s and personally. premium luxury sedans should not have 6 window cabins its much to open no privacy

  • BlackPegasus

    I think I would try out the genesis G 90 and save tens of thousands.

    • Rob

      I have the Equus and would like a CT6 but for this money, I’ll be getting a G90.

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