Fully Original 1995 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II RS Is In Search Of A New Owner

Mitsubishi might have decided it no longer needs the Lancer Evolution in its range, but this doesn’t change the fact that the performance saloon had a long and distinguished career.

Pictured here is a rare 1995-made Evolution II RS, which, according to the seller, a Hong Kong-based dealer, is in fully original condition, and despite turning 21, it has covered just 75,000 km (46,603 miles) and it’s accompanied by a full service history with a log book verifying its mileage.

Since it currently sits in Asia, the car comes with an export certificate that should save its future owner a headache after paying the HKD 150,000 asking price, which equals to $19,340 at today’s exchange rates.

Moreover, this Lancer Evo II RS has had just one owner since new, who enjoyed its modifications on top of the standard model that include an engine tune up to 260 PS (256 HP), a 30 percent stiffened chassis, tweaked suspension, larger 16-inch rims wrapped in wider tires and aerodynamic improvements.


  • Tumbi Mtika

    This is a steal!!!

    • Akira

      $20k for a 21 years old barebone sedan with 75000km? Lolno.

      • p00pman

        barebone? a plain lancer is barebone. this is an evoii. do you know what an evo even is? this is a piece of autosport history, a time capsule. This is what evo was. a sleeper. before it became the look-at-me non-sleeper it is today.

        • FlameWater

          It’s a 2.0 L with a turbo charger, define sleeper?

          • p00pman

            Often reffering to what appears to be a ordinary looking commuter car that is anything but ordinary under the hood.
            Most people would look at this car and assume their same vintage mustang v8 or Camaro v8 would beat it, when, in fact, it would loose hilariously in every way, stock for stock.

          • FlameWater

            So basically any base model car with a turbo charger is considered a “sleeper” to you. Okay bring that thing to the meet, put down a $1K on the hood and start your engine. Hopefully Aunt Gladys dropped by and is feeling lucky

          • p00pman

            Silly little troll who knows nothing about cars 🙂 Do you really think the only difference between an evo and a lancer is a turbo? It’s a completely different engine and drivetrain with awd, little boy. This car had the most HP/liter out from any stock engine of it’s day.
            The US didn’t even get the evo until 2003 with the evo viii, so how do you propose I bring an evoii? Haha
            Go back to your website about shoes or whatever. This is a website for car enthusiasts.

          • Oscar Oliu

            Beautiful car, don’t worry about the troll. Was this built on the galant/eclipse chassis? Or the mirage chassis? I love my 95 galant. Especially considering it’s an American made DSM. People always try to pass me on the hwy, not knowing it’s fairly quick 😀