GM Unveils 2017 Opel Insignia Grand Sport, Previews 2018 Buick Regal & Holden Commodore

Following yesterday’s revealing scoops, the time for GM to pull the wraps off the new Insignia Grand Sport has come, with Vauxhall being the first brand to do so.

The new Opel / Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport is based on a new modular platform which allowed not only for athletic proportions but also for a more spacious cabin and class-leading aerodynamics with a Cd figure of 0.26.

The new underpinnings also brought significant weight savings of up to 175kg (385lbs) with the body-in-white being 60kg (132lbs) lighter on its own. The roofline is now lower by 29mm with the tracks being wider by 11mm. The wheelbase is now longer by 92mm, with the overhangs reduced significantly.

As for the design, it’s pretty obvious that Opel wanted to bring as many elements of the Monza concept to production as they could. “Its design combines flowing lines and subtle surfaces with crisp, precise lines to exaggerate its dramatic proportions: it looks longer, lower and wider than it actually is, and it definitely looks upscale”, said Brit Mark Adams, Opel Vice President Design Europe. “Every design feature conveys technical know-how and the utmost precision. The new Insignia Grand Sport is an excellent value proposition with the aura of a car from the premium, upper class.”

Under the elegant bodywork, there’s a wide range of the latest technologies that aim to make the new Insignia Grand Sport not only safer but more comfortable as well; Opel has given their new model features like a new gen of their IntelliLux LED matrix lighting, Lane Keep Assist, Head-up Display and unique AGR-certified premium seats, front- and rear-seat heating and a heated windshield among others.

No official word yet on the powertrains though, with Vauxhall only announcing a wide range of turbocharged engines and transmissions when it is officially launched next year with a new eight-speed automatic gearbox to offer ‘class-leading’ shift quality. Range-topping models at launch are expected to use a 247hp 2.0-litre turbo petrol, at least until the OPC/VXR version arrives.

Also new is the intelligent all-wheel drive system, which features two electrically controlled multi-plate clutches that replace the rear axle differential, enabling for the first time the torque vectoring feature. The revised FlexRide chassis offers three driving modes: Standard, Sport and Tour with a new Drive Mode Control option to adapt the car continuously to the driving style by analyzing the information provided by the sensors and settings of the car.

Opel is going to reveal in full the new Insignia Grand Sport at the Geneva Motor Show this March, with Buick bringing it to the US under the Regal nameplate with a four-door saloon body as a MY2018 and GM also to offer it as the new Holden Commodore down under.


  • WG

    Attractive design in and out. Can’t wait to see the Buick variation of this.

    • donald seymour

      It’s…it’s the exact same thing.

      • WG

        true. i just wanna see this car with the waterfall grille. i could probably imagine it in my head tho :p

        • emjayay

          Buick is de-waterfalling with an emblem and horizontal bar almost like the Opel.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Really?? Looks to me like a BMW 3 Series and a Hyundai Sonata made love. The interior has no originality.

    • Toronado_II

      A GTC variant ?

  • rover10

    Very sleek and attractive in all views. The interior looks like a big step in quality, and I’m sure this will boost the CD market.

    • Zandit75

      It doesn’t look to have a CD player……..

  • Six_Tymes

    this looks very good

  • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

    When will GM’s photoshop team finally figure out to make the Vauxhall version RHD?

    • Talking of which, who the hell was let loose on the photoshop work for the interior multimedia screen?!

  • Matt

    The rear three-quarter view definitely has hints of the BMW 6-series GranCoupe.

    Overall it’s attractive, but hardly ground-breaking.

    • Hot new yorker

      Who said it’s supposed to be groundbreaking it just freaking midsize sedan

      • Matt

        No argument there. Pity Opel couldn’t buck that trend, but being a global model it needs to be relatively restrained to succeed.

    • Enter Ranting

      The new Prius is “groundbreaking,” and look what that got us.

  • john1168

    For the most part, I like this car a lot. But the longer I look at it, I see a couple of things I have a problem with. First, the side window by the C pillar. Is that a real window or just a giant black spacer between the C pillar and the rear doors? It’s very hard to tell for sure as the windows are tinted a lot. I HATE balck spacers in that area! Second the tail lights where they wrap around the side of the car. Is there a light in that area or is it just red plastic that comes around the side? I’m guessing there’s a side marker reflector in there. The front of the car looks a little squished flat but it still looks good. The interior is FANTASTIC! Overall nice car. Will there be a GSX version with a 3.0TT engine?

    • Matt

      The C-pillar has an opaque gloss-black trim piece to give the impression of a quarter light window. Not as bad as a Chrysler Sebring, but still a little bit tacky.

      The actual ‘lighting’ element of the tail lights doesn’t wrap around the car, as that would be pointless. So yes it’s mostly red plastic around the side.

    • Hot new yorker

      Yeah the Opel Insignia goes Toyota Camry road with the c-pillar blank space behind the door not very attractive same with the tail lights Blank Space

    • haudit

      You can tell it’s a gloss black piece of trim from the way it stands slightly proud of the glass on the rear door. I’m not a fan – it reeks of cost cutting. If they couldn’t be bothered to engineer a body with a real quarterlight, why not curve off the door’s cutline like they did on the current car, rather than this half-and-half solution?

      On the plus side, the interior does look like quite an upgrade.

      • Nordschleife

        Well whatever it costs most people will complain it’s to much for this car so they probably just did it for economies of scale.

    • Shame, that plastic insert looks very fussy and spoils the lines of the car. It looks added on and messy, such a shame it couldn’t be one piece by extending the door.

  • Bo Hanan


  • TheBelltower

    Could Buick possibly have a legitimate midsize car? This is stunning. I hope they keep this grille, and don’t attempt to graft-in that dowdy waterfall design.

    • john1168

      I think the Buick Regal grille will be almost identical to the new LaCrosse grille.

      • TheBelltower

        You’re probably right. Not a fan.

  • BlackPegasus

    Very refined looking sedan. The rear reminds me of the Volkswagen CC.


    • Matt


      • Jay
        • Matt

          You missed the joke.

          • Jay

            Did you?

          • Matt

            I corrected someone why only comments in Uppercase, in Uppercase! It’s meant to be kind of ironic.

          • Jay

            My joke was that there isn’t an actual job of being a grammar police officer. Nor would it be any fun..

          • Matt

            What!? You mean the Grammar Police isn’t a real department? My whole life is a lie.

          • Jay

            Sorry bro. Santa and the Tooth fairy are most definitely real though.

  • Dennis Scipio

    So the next Generation Chevrolet SS could look similar to this?, if there will be another one which I doubt.

    • Jay

      one can only hope. if so they definitely need more differentiation other than logos/emblems and names.

    • Cavallino Rampante

      There won’t be in the current form anymore because GM is shutting all its factories and letting go of all its factory employees in Australia, where it will instead be selling the imported Opel Insignia as the 2018 Holden Commodore. No more 6.2 liter V8, although Australia will get an AWD naturally aspirated 3.6 liter V6 with 9 speed transmission.

    • emjayay

      No, because it will already be a Buick Regal. Plus below.

      • Dennis Scipio

        I said this over 3 months ago before it wasn’t going to be a Chevy SS, I already know now.

  • Jay

    Disappointing that both models have the same bumpers, head and tail lights, grills, and even rims. Very lazy no matter how good the car looks. They need to copy from 2015 GMC Yukon, Chevy Tahoe and Cadillac Escalade.

    • Matt

      The difference being that the Yukon, Tahoe and Escalade are all sold together in the same market – hence the need for visual differentiation. It’s not like a Holden Insignia driver is going to compare his car to his neighbour’s Opel Insignia, because they won’t be sold together.

      From a cost perspective, having less variations between markets saves a lot of money.

      • Jay

        I thought of that too, but current generation models feature differences even though they are sold in different markets, So It’s still very lazy and they mind as well just sell the same car and instead of wasting money having different badges.

        • Nordschleife

          They probably will have some minor differences because safety standards and what not are slightly different. But overall I don’t think it’s lazy. Differ markets as Matt said and if they did anything more to make any more more expensive then people would be like it’s. Osts to much for said model. I guarantee people are going to say this Car is not worth the cost.

          • Jay

            Im not gonna argue with you folks. Its lazy to me. If not to you thats fine lol.

      • Jay

        Chevy SS was sold in a different market from the Holden and Opel yet they all had some significant differentiation…

        • Matt

          Don’t want to be ‘that guy’, but the Chevrolet SS is all but identical to the Holden Commodore. The only difference was the badge and the grille….

          • Jay

            You’re not that guy completely lol, they at least had other models that gave it different and hoods and rims. but at least one had a few more changes.

  • theurbangent lee

    This or the new vw cc?

  • Nordschleife

    They might as well bring the Insiginia name over to the states. It sounds more upscale to me.

    • Cavallino Rampante

      Insignia is pronounced in-sig-knee-ah in UK and Australia, In-si-ñia in Italy and Spain and In-zig-knee-ah in Germany. I’ve no idea how the French would chew it up… How would it be pronounced in the USA? It might be easier to call it Buick…. Regal?

      • emjayay

        In-sig-knee-ah. Interesting thought with the other languages, but I think the German is generally a bit more In-tsig-nee-uh. And you should have left off the k. We know you don’t say it really, but it doesn’t belong there in in this use.

  • Pedro Pereira

    It’s a long way away from the Vectra. Well done, GM.

  • Vassilis

    What a stunner.

  • Hints of a Passat CC towards the back. Such a shame they played it so safe but then its a huge market so understandable.

  • blackrock
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