New Ford Focus RS Compared Against Its Euro-Only Predecessor

The Ford Focus RS is already in its third generation, if you live in Europe, that is, which allows for some interesting comparisons like the one we have here.

The second generation of Ford’s finest hot hatch caused big waves when it was first launched back in 2008, thanks to the company’s decision to drive 305hp only through the front axle.

The most surprising fact though was that the Focus RS MK2 was actually a hoot to drive, thanks to a clever limited-slip differential and the front RevoKnuckle suspension setup which minimized torque steer and allowed the driver to actually use the power on offer.

Then there was the crazy bodywork, with its wide fenders, massive air intakes and a proper rear wing which gave the Focus RS MK2 an almost exotic appeal and still makes it stand out from traffic to this day.

Standing next to it, the latest Focus RS certainly looks tamer and almost modest, with the five-door body certainly being one of the major factors in this. But today the Focus RS has become a global model which means that certain concessions had to be made.

The current model also has considerably more power but is also heavier, mainly because of that trick all-wheel drive system. So, which is more fun to drive? Pistonheads tries to find out in their latest video, linked below.