New Renault Megane RS Trophy Will Most Probably Look Like This

Renault is currently hard at work developing the latest Renault Megane RS set to go squarely up against the Honda Civic Type R, VW Golf R and Ford Focus RS.

However, the ‘standard’ Megane RS will only be the first in a number of RenaultSport-developed variants of the latest-generation French hatchback. As with the old car, faster and lighter derivatives will come early next decade, potentially including a new Trophy version designed to be the fastest of the bunch.

Although it isn’t yet clear exactly how the new Megane RS will look, let alone the Trophy model, Behance artist Monholo Oumar has released a number of renderings of the model and chances are, the real thing won’t be too dissimilar.

Up front, the model has been imagined with an aggressive bumper that incorporates a flowing black element and is then complemented by three small lights on each side. Other modifications include a blacked-out Renault badge and black grilles.

Other tweaks to the exterior include a new set of black boots and flared arches. At the rear, the bumper, tailpipe and diffuser designs closely mimic those of the standard Megane GT but when the new RS Trophy does arrive, we’d expect the rear to be more aggressive.

In terms of power, the standard Megane RS will use a 2.0-liter four-cylinder delivering around 300 hp, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox as standard and potentially, all wheel drive. A possible Trophy version could then have 350 hp, or more, and lose a significant amount of weight.


  • TG

    I don’t like the new Megane. First i was like “WOW” but after a while this Megane is looking very boring. I think i can’t stand this 5 Door Family Type of thing. This R.S renderings are boring too……its still a 5 door Car. So i decided to keep my Megane Coupe GT until i got the Money for the wonderful Megane Coupe R.S Cup-S in Dezir Red !

  • Kaisuke971

    The Mégane GT looks incredibly good in the flesh, if the RS takes the clues from the RS16 concept of boy will it be a looker

  • NICE.

  • Richard Houlton

    It’s going to be a bit wilder than that I think. Even the prototypes are running wheel arch flairs