Paris, Madrid, Athens And Mexico City To Ban Diesel Vehicles

In a bid to cut air pollution, the cities of Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City have agreed to ban diesel-powered vehicles by 2025.

The announcement was made at the C40 summit, where 40 different cities are pledging to battle climate change. At this stage, the mayors of the four cities haven’t announced just how the ban will be phased in or when it will start taking effect.

While speaking at the summit, the head of the United Nations’ climate and clean air coalition Helena Molin Valdés said: “Soot from diesel vehicles is among the big contributors to ill health and global warming.”

According to reports cited by The Guardian, 3 million people die prematurely every year because of dirty air partly affected by the harmful nitrogen dioxide produced by diesel vehicles.

According to the major of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis, this ban on diesel vehicles is just the first step in totally banning cars from cities. Mexico City mayor Miguel Angel Mancera thinks it will help his city boost its public transportation system.


  • Trackhacker

    Good, diesel should be banned everywhere.

    • gary4205

      Sonething like 80% of all motorvehicles worldwide are diesel.

      • emjayay

        Certainly true (maybe not that many) of the existing stock of cars in Europe. But I’m guessing the millions of cars in the US with few diesels brings the worldwide numbers down.

  • Evo45

    They are talking like only diesel vehicles makes air pollution, aren’t there other things that pollutes air?

    • pureworx

      diesel vehicles put out a lot more NOx than any other vehicles. i hope this ban includes diesel powered public transport too.

      • Evo45

        I know that, but you can’t just blame diesel vehicles and move on. There should be other solutions for air pollution, not just banning diesels.

        • Restricting cars, forcing people to public transport which is all electrified. Removing roads and creating pedestrian zones. Making greener cities both with parks and green roofs. Car sharing, car pooling. There is a lot of things to do, but it’s quite obvious that cities should not be for cars, it should be for people.

          • Sébastien

            Glad we’ll get diesels out, but I’ll believe only when I see it.

            But you do realize subway emits tons of PP2.5 ? Not great either for our health.

          • Bob White

            Not when they’re electric.

          • Sébastien

            Of course when electric: those come from tires and break pads…

          • emjayay

            Paris metro has tires but others do not. And new cars have regenerative brakes (sp!) which I assume make for a lot less dust.

          • Sébastien

            Train brake pads are actively used when entering in stations, hence the particles. (Learn more )

            About EVs well even Tesla use them when main battery is already full or when it’s cold and Regen isn’t fully available

          • Bob White

            What do you want to do until we can figure out how to make trains glide on a cushion of air?
            Go back to the stone age?

          • Sébastien

            I’m just stating facts, I’m still using subway everyday (because at least there’s no smell as with Diesels)

            Imagine if subways were able to use “regen”, to somehow help on every departure from a station stop… Would just need to add few big capacitors or batteries

          • Bob White

            It certainly would make sense on a vehicle that operates for such extended periods of time. Right now, it probably comes down to cost on such a large and heavy vehicle. But I’m sure that someone is working it.

  • gary4205

    No such thing as “global warming” or whatever they are calling the scam this week.

    Diesels are very efficient engines. There’s a much better solution. Diesels work well when run on compressed natural gas. Many municipalities run most of their fleet this way. It’s very close to zero emissions.

    The other solution is the best. You can take natural gas, turn it into a solid then turn that solid into liquid fuel. The by-product of this process is water. Potable water.

    Royal Dutch Shell is already doing this commercially with great success.

    This gives you a near zero emissions fuel that can be sold at any retail outlet that curently sells diesel fuel and can run in any diesel engine on earth, with no modifications.

    That is the sollution.

    But those running the “climate change” scam won’t benefit from this real world solution.

    • Status

      Thankfully you’re old, and your total social capital is small and ineffective to counter the scientific evidence that shows global warming is real.

      You can keep using FB as paid-corporate news source to reinforce your clouded and irrational world-view, but it won’t ever be a substitute for a scientific journal.

      • smartacus

        i can’t stand Fakebook either.

    • Ilbirs

      A solution for diesels is running them on ethers, like what happened when Ford and the University of Aachen lead an study using two kinds of ether. In one of them it’d be needed to pressurize a little bit the fuel tank, while the other ether could be put on the tank on atmospheric pression. The result is that these models emited far less direct pollutants than the indirect pollution generated by electric cars:

      As can be seen, the oxymethylene ether (OME1) is a more direct replacement than the DME and could be sold replacing diesel and cutting NOx and particulates. The dumb part of these regulations made by statolater European cities is that the guys who did it doesn’t know that a diesel engine has a lot of indistinction of what it burns due to its nature of combustion made by compression. They are trying to erase the historical fact that Rudolph Diesel demonstrate its invention by burning peanut oil. What will happen? We don’t know, but we can bet that statolatry will again lose to reality and they will have to lift this ban and maybe consider the replacement of what goes inside the tank instead of what kind of vehicle should run in European cities.
      About Mexico City I’m not worried because the Mexican society, like others in Latin America, is run by the context instead of a contract. This will become a dead norm that won’t be enforced and by the pass of the time will be an easy target to mockery due to its irrationality.

    • Big Black Duck

      at your age..u will be dead soon… so what do u care about the biosphere…I hope people like you go extinct very soon..

    • BGM

      If you read the article closely you see the end game: *According to the major of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis, this ban on diesel
      vehicles is just the first step in totally banning cars from cities*. The whole global warming scam has uses other than making some people very rich. It means a gigantic transfer of wealth from producers to looters and also a conduit for world socialism.

      Carry on Gary and don’t mind the morons wishing you death.

      • Status

        Could you expand on that. How exactly does banning cars from cities promote world socialism? Cites were made for people after all, and not cars.

        • BGM

          Gladly. Mobility is a hallmark of freedom. In communist countries – like the one I was born in for example – mobility is quite restricted, not only with internal controls but also with lack of choices. If all you have is the state’s buses and trains to get on they control where and when you go. That curtails freedom of association and limits your ability to protest: how can you get to the central square to participate in a demonstration when you don’t have a car and buses aren’t running? Bottom line is communism and socialism (which is communism light) want power and control over you and the car is anathema to their designs. The global warming LIE and its war against the automobile is a plot to further control people, herding them into ever more concentrated cities where they can be brought to heel.

          Nevertheless I’m a thinking person and see the use of restricting car usage in highly congested cities but this is not what the leftists want: they want a total ban and Giorgios gave up the lot.

          Would love to discuss this further but this is probably not the forum. Let’s just enjoy the cars.

          • smartacus

            Perfectly Expertly Stated, Sir!

            how do we finally end their unrelenting unwavering religious dedication to destruction?

    • JackOfAllTrades

      Don’t feed the trolls.

    • smartacus

      The evidence against global warming is so obvious
      Last week Tokyo got it’s earliest snowfall
      This week Hawaii got socked with feet of snow up in the higher elevations
      Today; Chicago just broke a record

      They have to do it. They can’t stay silent.
      They MUST create news and scientists MUST create a reason for research funding.

      Decades ago; they tried to scare us with a new ice age, then they did the switchover to global warming:

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Thanks, Volkswagen.

    …………………/…./ /
    ……….”…………. _.·´

    • none

      It has nothing to do with vw. Oslo was probably first to mention a ban, they tried to ban diesel cars already in 2012, at that time other cities said they are considering it also, like stockholm and paris. Dieselgate didn’t happen until 3½ years later. In may 2015 oslo tried again, this too was before dieselgate. The government hesitated. Now oslo is once again demanding a diesel-ban, urgently, rushing the norwegian government and road administration to come to a decision. Eventually they will succeed and get their diesel ban. Car owners are furious. For those who can read norwegian –
      Here’s about the french diesel-ban, mentioned in the news january 2015, well before dieselgate –

      • Tumbi Mtika

        It’s a joke.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    But the sun is going to expand in billions of years, thus consuming the earth. What’s one more M-B Bluetech?

    • BGM

      If we give enough money to the government they can prevent that too!

  • we are close to 2017 and they talke about 2025. ????

  • europeon

    OK, there is some confusion here.

    If we’re talking in terms of climate change, this is BS. The diesel engine contribute in a very small amount to this, because the bulk of the emissions comes from industrial processes. Also, modern diesel engines are way more cleaner and efficient than their gasoline counterparts – at least until they’ll have particulate filters too.

    But, the health of the population living in the cities (where most diesel cars dwell) is at a far greater risk due to the high amounts of NO2 diesel engines produce.

  • smartacus

    They can start by banning diesel buses.
    so many worthless buses with routes that carry less than 10 people on board at any given time

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