Scoop: New BMW 6-Series GT Wearing M Sport Duds

As you may know by now, BMW’s will be ditching the current 5-Series GT and possibly even the 6-Series Gran Coupe, in favor of this, the all new 6-Series GT.

Based on spy shots alone, it’s safe to say that this 6-Series GT will look a bit more dynamic than the 5-Series GT, which was heavily criticized because of its appearance.

Speaking of looks, this particular model spotted by our spy photographers in Sweden, is wearing the M Sport Package – though all we can see is the more aggressive front bumper with the “larger than usual” air intakes.

Other than that, the car is wearing the same amount of vinyl as the one we saw back in November, which means that other than the headlights, front grille and overall shape of the car, we can’t really see much else.

As for what we can’t see, the new 6-Series GT will be using the CLAR modular platform, which means that semi-autonomous and plug-in technologies should be present. Also, the engine range itself will probably mirror that of the new 5-Series saloon, at least in part.

The biggest question mark however remains the interior. When the 5-Series GT first came out, it was sort of a Unicorn in the automotive industry seen as how it offered 7-Series-levels of legroom in the back, with X5-levels of headroom. Whether or not that will still be the case with this new model, remains to be seen, but it will surely beat the 5-Series sedan in this aspect.

Expect the 6-Series GT to show its face sometime next year, possibly as early as the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops