Suzuki Reveals New Swift Ahead Of Geneva Debut [40 Images]

We’ve seen the spy shots, we’ve seen the leaked images… but now it’s official: Suzuki has revealed the all-new Swift.

Shown and detailed here in JDM spec, the new hatchback looks exactly as expected – which is, to say, instantly recognizable as a Suzuki Swift, but as a completely new one.

In its home market, the new Swift will be offered in seven trim levels with three engine options: a 1.2-liter inline four is the base engine, but a mild hybrid version of the same will also be offered – along with a 1.0-liter turbo in the sportiest RSt model.

Output figures have yet to be released, but a number of drivetrain configurations have. The hybrid is mated (as is typical) to a CVT, while the base engine offers a no-cost five-speed manual option as well. Both can be had with front- or all-wheel drive, but the turbo model only comes in front-drive spec with a six-speed automatic.

Along with the new engines, Suzuki has equipped the new Swift with all the latest safety technologies. Those include a collision-mitigation system (offered for the first time in a Suzuki), high-beam assist, and adaptive cruise control.

The new Swift is set to go on sale in Japan on January 4 ahead of its global debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March. By that point we should have a better idea of specifications for other markets – which unfortunately won’t include North America, a vital market from which Suzuki entirely withdrew its automobile lineup in 2013.

Regardless of local specification, the new Swift promises to take what’s always been a solid product into a new generation with fresh styling and the latest equipment.

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  • Łukasz

    I see F-Type influences in the front grill, the gauges, the steering wheel and AC knobs.

    • Six Thousand Times

      How do so many people get that word wrong?

  • Bash

    some photos shows few interesting gadgets… impressive..
    could not tell what is that black patch next to the logo at the front.

    • salamOOn

      cruise control housing?

      • Bash

        the first line was a sarcasm…
        the second line is legit and if you don’t know the answer, please don’t bother commenting…
        PS#1. remind me to spoon feed you next time… :D:D
        PS#2. do you bleed?
        but seriously, its a nice car, I always liked the Suzuki swift.

        • kello3000

          Batman bashing Superman for no apparent reason?

          Really cannot tell if your second line is meant to be a statement, question or a witty remark. Anyways, salamOOn is probably right; the patch is the housing for the adaptive cruise control and the ‘collision-mitigation system’ (auto brake)…

          • Bash

            if that is true, that would be a nice gadget in this car..

        • salamOOn

          Hey Bruce, calm down. I know Christmas is over, but there is no need to act like…. you did.
          It was a rhetorical question about apparent meaning of that patch.

          • Bash

            hey clark.. (Christmas is over),, that’s a good one.. :D:D given that batman is orphan and he cant get presents from his parents… that a really good one.. I like it.
            now seriously though, if you and Kello3000 were right, that would be a really nice option for a car in this segment.. I hope we get it here in the ME as usually these cars and similar are considered basic here and we never get them properly equipped..

        • Benz guy

          Haha dude you nailed it

          • Bash

            thanks man.. obviously I was kidding. lol

    • Californi4

      It’s the radar to prevent collisions. Most manufacturers now hide it behind their logos, which is now like a 3D printing rather than an ordinary “metal” logo.

      See it on the New Micra for example :

      You can see it on the picture, the logo is like flat printed on a small glass frame. This is made so the radar can see ahead of the vehicle. Putting it behind a metal logo would block the waves. Thats why Suzuki has this little frame, since they’re keeping their ordinary logo.

  • XZKL

    Not to judge, but the front looks like an F-Type and the rear a BMW 1 series especially on the promotional picture at first glance.

    Was hoping that Suzuki could’ve gone further down in the design like what we’re expecting from the Japanese such as adapting a design language like taking inspiration from first Kizashi concept. Similar to what Mazda did with the Shinari concept.

    Moving back, it’s still a fresh design and I’d take the gray one.

    • Bash

      the gray is cool… perfect choice.. I would take one in gray/silver too

  • TheHake

    I’m a bit disappointed. It looks less ‘characterful’ than the current gen. Like when the Micra went from the 1st to 2nd gens.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Audi’s designers must be happy that their front grille shape continues to be found everywhere else.

    • Bash

      now after you said it…. I just cant un-see it!!

  • Cloudbusted

    obviously Suzuki has decided that even Swift must sell mostly in asian markets. In terms of design is a step back. Too many details and not much harmony for the exterior of the car…

  • nauticalone

    Current Swift looks better to me.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Do not like the floating roof.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Appealing little car. Wish they did a 1.2 turbo with a manual.

  • 59soni

    Vertical intercooler! Don’t know of other cars that have one.

  • Real sporty and beautiful design !